Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hello?? Anyone there??

The Olympics have basically left me a widower. My boyfriend has married a new bride...Swimming and Gymnastics.

Some may question my patriotism by complaining about this. I too admit to taking in a bit of the tellie...Murder, She Wrote and Divine Design (with Candice Olson!) but it has never been a mistress. These sporting games have completely taken his attention away from me.

Now, he says that he is doing "research" for a piece he plans to perform in a year called "Sport". Perhaps, but they keep him up late, satisfy him, and garner all his emotion and attention. Whore. It belongs to me. At least the Olympics don't leave cheap perfume and lipstick on his mock turtle zippy sweat shirt.

As a librarian, I am used to people wanting information, and mass quanities of it. Now I come home to horseback riding being taped in our boudoir, while he watches men's gymnastics downstairs.

Whats worse? I decided to escape to the local garden center while he was enraptured, and guess what was playing on the classical music station? None other than John William's Olympic theme!! Thank Goodness I had my copy of Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 with me. That kept me sane.

So, perhaps for the next few days, until track & field starts, I will be the Well Dressed and Bitter Librarian.

Moral of this blog: Perhaps I better take the route of this gymnast, maybe that will get me some attention. Hmmm, the Undressed Librarian.

added: a special thanks to a dear friend for this fine Olympian link

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