Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Le Poisson Rouge

Probably one of the worst things a person with a diagnosed OCD can do is have goldfish. I thought to myself "What am I missing in my life?" and of course the answer was more things to take care of. So I ran to the pet supply shop and purchased a small 3 gallon aquarium, a plant, and some gravel. I let it "cycle" for 36 hours, and then went back to find the perfect fish to fill it with.

I ended up with two fantail goldfish...Eggs & Toast. Eggs is gold with a white tail, and Toast was calico. Anyone with an OCD knows that you can not stop looking at goldfish...and I was afraid they were going to die. And so they promptly did.

SO, I went back and got Eggs II and Toast II. Toast II lasted for about 12 hours. Eggs II is still alive. I can't stop looking in the tank. I'm afraid Eggs is going to go the way of Toast. Perhaps goldfish were a really bad idea.

But this got me thinking, do all librarians have OCD? For those of you wondering, OCD is nothing more than an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Mine blossomed during my undergraduate, but perhaps could have been diagnosed when I was younger. I used to dump the Monopoly and Clue games out, and alphabatize the playing cards and line the figurines up in size order. OK, maybe I'm the only person who has ever bothered to put decks of cards back into suite/color order..but I'm not the only librarian with these tendancies.

Thinking back on the librarians in my life, all of them were neat-knicks. Everything in its place, and a place for everything, order was the rule of the day, and they all looked impeccable. Each of them had a top list of rotating priorities that I was to clairvoy for the day. This still seems to be the case, only I think my OCD is synching up with the librarian's OCD...combining to make one super case of mental ability.

On top of it, it doesn't hurt to have OCD when dealing with the public. I find myself arranging pens and the tape dispenser after a patron has slightly moved them on the desk. It keeps us acute and neat. I highly recommend that if you don't have an OCD, you go see your physician and tell him you want one. Couching it in those terms will gaurantee you get one. If you choose to medicate, that is a whole other matter. I for one suggest embracing it, not masking it with little pink pills.

Moral of this blog: OCD's are a librarian's best friend. Just like gin martini's with extra lemon.

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