Tuesday, August 10, 2004


I have always been fashion forward. I have written about wanting to wear to work my "three quarter length trouser" that Kenneth Cole shook the world with. And I also carry a murse.

It is the above pictured bag. It is called a "German Medics bag", and I adore it because I can put my lip balm, cell phone, keys, and a novel in it without having to worry about the buldging pockets that plague so many men.

"Isn't it kind of grungy for a well dressed librarian?" you might query. No would be my resounding answer. Plus you know any well meaning fashionista is going to purchase anything called a "german medics bag".

I suppose the German medics fill it with things that are meant to treat wounds and the like. Chapped lips are a medical emergency to me. Why would I leave the house unprepared? Practical + functional+ foriegn=supercute.com.

Call it a "European Men's Carry-All", or a "strapped briefcase", or even a "tote". It is still a man purse. It is like buying twigs from a third world country to decorate your sitting room...utilitarian, and practical. "You're evil!" you might think. No. Candid..yes, but I've always been candid.

So go ahead and jet set with your fabulous murse. It doesn't mean you're gay if you sport one. Well, probably, but that is beside the point. Male librarians everywhere should be lining up to buy these. No more pockets that look like you have balloons in them. Stop that change jingling when you walk across the library. Best, you'll be fashionable-which as you know is a must for librarians.

Moral of this blog: Carry on. Just do it with a murse.

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