Monday, August 23, 2004

Oops I did it again...

You know how sometimes when you are waiting to be seated at a cafe and you accidentally go across the street and buy an antique desk? Yeah, well that happened to me.

It was all very innocent. A wait at a vegan cafe turned into an opportunity for me and my partner to stop into this cute little place right across the street. This is where we found a 1940's era lab table, that had been whitewashed. We've been looking for a partners desk, and this was it.

So, we got it home and realized there was no place to put it. Go figure. Its only 5 feet by 3.5 feet. This is when we realized that the spare bedroom was about to have a major face lift. It is now a fully functioning office, complete with two HUGE lush potted Majesty palms.

But it kinda didn't end there...we've also added a new accent lamp in a lovely worn shade of sage, put down a huge sage and rose colored tapestry on the floor and completed the look with two mismatched upholstered arm chairs from the 1930's. Throw in a few white washed candle sticks, and 2 wall size bookcases...VOILA! Instant charming office.

Now my latest adventure is to frame all the wall art that we've been collecting for a few years. A great old architects brownprint of a built in library book case from the 1920's, a subway poster that my partner was in for his former dance company and a lovely lithograph of Ophelia that I've been meaning to get around to for years.

Now I can be a very productive librarian at home too. Not only do I have a lush conservatory-esque office now-but I have an office. I was using an old card catalog that had a converted drop front panel on it...that now lives in the dining room. And the bed? Its wrapped in drop clothes in the basement. Now guests will have to settle on sleeping on the queen size pullout in the sitting room.

Moral of this blog: Use your time productively when made to wait.

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