Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Points of Interest

I would be remiss in not informing you of several carreer shaping events that have occurred of late. I jot them down when they happen, so I can repeat them later. I have been terribly busy lately, so with out further ado:

*working circ desk*
Hot & sexy Customer service Associate "Can I help you?"
Urban patron with cell phone "hold up" *covering mouth piece on phone*" CAN YOU NOT SEE I AM ON THE PHONE?" *back to phone "sorry baby..."

I checked all of his items out, only to have him come back a few minutes later and slam them on the counter.

UPWCF "I was returning this, I wanted to renew these two, and to check this one out"
HSCSA "I'm sorry, I wish you would have communicated that to me...*going through fake motions* Here you go. You're all set. Have a great day!"

A mother came up to get a card for her daughter. Her daughters name was Malaysia. Only she had a card already, and Malyasia had fines of $70.00 on her card. When I informed her mother of this, she said oh, there must be another child named Malaysia *****. When I informed her that the birthdate was also the same, she said "Imagine that! Two Malaysia's born on the same day!"

She actually got a card for her daughter later that day.

A patron told me that I look like a young Elvis. Thank G-d. I would have slapped her if she said Vegas Elvis. Really. It would have been worth the dismissal.

A friend/co-worker went to visit Asatique Island. When she came home, I sent her a note telling her that I was glad she was home. She sent back a one sentence reply: "the ponies smell better than the patrons". I almost pissed myself laughing.

Thats all for now.

Moral of this blog: Patrons are as funny as they smell.

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