Thursday, August 26, 2004


Oh, how the time has flown. Again, I await my return to University. Only I don't have to wait long. I go back on Monday. Indexing and Abstracting awaits me as I type this. I will also be taking Academic Reference, and if I am lucky I got into Preservation Management. I will also be doing my practicum at a postcard pretty private college, I'm sure it would give Norman Rockwell wet dreams.

One of the things I find myself wondering is "what do academic librarians wear?" I've done the corporate gig...lots of suits and ties and nice details. I've done the public thing...lots of jeans and polos and khakis. My academic experience stops at working the circulation desk..where I did a sort of "corporate-public" meld of apparel..and sported khaki's with a dress shirt, or jeans and a shirt and tie. I am thinking that the librarians might wear ties at this library. The woman who is my practicum advisor is sort of a Jackie Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis inspired fashionista. Big sunglasses resting on perfectly coiffed blond hair, East coast chic sweaters casually tossed over her shoulders, Burberry chiffon scarfs knotted carefully over draped pearls. And very sassy black heels. I have to look the part if I am going to be her apprentice. Oooh! Apprentice to an Academic Librarian. How fabulous does that sound (to me?).

I've decided to keep it sensible, as I want undergrads to ogle me, but not desire to reach out and fondle my bathing suit area...and yet seem respectable. Funny. I've seen the naughty librarian look on tons of women, but not really on men. I shudder to think of all the collegiate sorority girls that I may attract to the library. Or Fraternity boys. Hmmm. Like moths to a flame. G-d knows I can flame. Scorch on occasion.

Back to school also means seeing classmates that I haven't seen all summer. It also means lots of homework and lots of late nights. I can handle it. If not, I can always go shopping now that my financial aid has come in.

Moral of this blog: style and academics. similar in my mind to bakelite flatware. unecessary but highly desirable.

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