Friday, September 24, 2004

Blog Lessons

Seems that Penny made a bad choice. This is a valuable lesson learned. These little on line journals are gaining more and more popularity. We must remember that they are publications...not just boring old web pages.

Speaking as a media darling, I would like to ask that bloggers obey the rules that we should all follow. There is not much to it...but in my world everything has a social etiquette attached. We don't want to be a Penny.

A few things to note:

*Don't use real names. Be creative, this is part of the blog adventure.
*Don't give geographic locations that can be tied to yourself. Great, be a librarian in Idaho. Thats all we need to know.
*Don't give out phone numbers, unless you are a blogger-cum-Madame
*Update frequently. You'd hate it if your favorite magazine randomly sent out issues.
*Do find a voice. Mine is biting, somewhat sarcastic & a tad homo. OK, a lot homo.
*Inside jokes are boring on a weblog. If we are all reading it, no one wants to feel left out.
*Be aware that more than just your friends read your blog. I'd love to think I have 26,000 friends..but I know I don't.
and last, don't wear a brown belt with black shoes.

I realize that last one had nothing to do with this, but I felt it was just as important to share that with you.

Carry on. Blog on.

Moral of this blog: Idle blogs are the devils workshop.

PS To all the Jews, don't forget to repent tonight. We only get one chance a year. Happy Holidays.

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