Monday, October 11, 2004

Coming Out Day

I hate to astound my readers, but in honor of National Coming Out Day I have decided to tell all my readers something. My boyfriend is gay. Yes, its true. He's a homosexual. I don't mind, it seems to have its perks.

When I was an undergrad, I don't remember National Coming Out Day. I'm sure it exisited, but I was not aware of it. Last night was my first Sunday night on Reference Desk at Practicum College. On my walk up to the doors of the fabulously built 1937 building, I noticed all the "come out come out where ever you are" chalkings on the sidewalk...including my new favorite "Boys will do boys". The mid 90's allowed us to be seen and heard...but not like this. I'm so glad that I have been an openly faggy guy...its blazed trails for the masses.

And best now, I'm going to be a I can inform the young and yearning masses about the history of gaydom. Although this won't be my primary responsibility. I prefer to think of myself as a role model for the students in that I've perfected the balance between my fashionable nature and my kind heartedness. People can see that homos are more than interior designers and floral arrangers. We can also be big gay librarians. And with such a butch profession under my belt (that matches my shoes) I can be bold in my endevours.

Male librarians seem to have gotten a bad rap. Sure there are more women...but hey, what a better way to meet chicks. Infiltrate them covertly. So to all you hunky, sexasonic men who have found themselves in a quandry...come be a librarian. There is nothing I'd love more than to work with hilarious pretty women and strapping, smart men. Trust me, its totally for your benefit...not for my pleasure.

So, happy coming out day. Let someone know you are queer today. If you are. Read the rules on the homepage, you don't have to come out unless you are gay. I just wanted to be clear on that. The gay rule handbook is very strict about those things.

Moral of this blog: Good luck to all of you starting your journey today, you can thank me later for encouraging you.

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