Friday, October 08, 2004

Like Sand through an hourglass

These are the days of my life. I started this blog almost a year ago to chronicle my grad school experience. I did not expect that anyone would read the entries let alone comment. I had no idea what a blog was until I googled "library grad students thoughts" or something like that..and came across the Male Centerfold Librarian (aka Jonny Angel) and began to realize that this community needed a voice, or at least realized I wanted this community to hear my voice.

This past week I did something that I was looking forward to last fall. I registered for my last three classes. I will have my MLIS around Mother's Day 2005. It couldn't be happening at a better time. I was just talking to my dear Mother and whining about how much grad school is burning me out. She told me time passes by quickly, and that when my last year began...before I knew it I'd be graduating. Turns out she was right...registering for these last few classes has really given me the "second wind" that I needed right now.

So, in the spring as tulips push their way through the earth, and as the robins start laying eggs I will be taking Archive management, Cataloguing II, and web publishing. I am glad that I am nearing an end, but also sad that I will be leaving so many of my dear colleagues behind. A few in particular:

1. The delightful museum curator, who instructs belly dancing in her free time.

2. The comic obsessed, horned-rim glasses wearing beauty.

3.My dear dear advisor, who has put up with my type A personality, left her homephone number for "my emergencies" with the departmental secretary, and returns my emails within 15 minutes regardless of the time they are sent out.

4. My coffee and cigarette after class worrier with the black-bob.

There are many more, and in an almost unfair way I can't spend the time listing them all. This also means that its about time for this blog to take a new direction. I'll no longer be the "fashionably dressed MLIS student". I'll be the fashionably dressed librarian, and I'm hoping I'll have a job right out of school.

Despite all this, I am very pleased with the direction my education has taken. I've learned a tremendous amount about librarianship...enough so that people now have to sit through a 15 minute schpiel when they dare ask "Librarians need a Masters degree?"

So, *raising my Johnson Brothers cup from its matching saucer* Here's to the next generation of librarians. Thank you for reading, there is more to come.

Moral of this blog: ALA is about to have its hands full.

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