Monday, October 25, 2004

Temper Temper!!

Dear Mr. Self Important,

I am so sorry that you drove for 2 hours after attending a funeral to come to class today. I suppose that excuses you for acting like a totally absorbed, overly important, self righteous fool. I'm paying to take this class too. I would have liked it if you didn't leave the professor rattled when you made your dramatic exit.

Perhaps as an undergraduate your professors liked being verbally abused infront of the class. Perhaps you never heard of the old saying "Excuse me, could I make an appointment with you after class?" Instead, we got the show of you reprimanding the professor and then you grabbing your things and storming out of the room.

You were unprofessional, and despite your load of 6 classes..this just doesn't look good. I don't know where the rest of your education came from, but disrespecting professors because you think you are misunderstood is a terrible idea. Especially when you do it infront of other students, who could some day be your colleagues.

I hope you sleep well tonight. You can put away the cranky when you change into your pajamas.

All my best,

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