Sunday, October 31, 2004


Sunday October 31, 2004

ALMOST SQUARE STATE (Reuters)- The Well Dressed Librarian has released his endorsement for John Kerry. Despite the risk of becoming a pariah among his adoring republican fans, he "felt this was necessary". Over tea and small sandwiches, the WDL repeatedly stressed that it was "important for the nation to get out to the polls", and "exercise [their] right to vote". He feels that Kerry will be able to push the states back into some order, create jobs, and not create an environment for gay Americans that would push them back "60 years". He additionally noted that it would not harm Americans to have a first lady who spoke 14 languages fluently.

Please people. Get out to the polls on Tuesday. Vote. Call your friends to vote. Its OK to vote for Kerry even if your domineering parents are voting for Bush. To my adoring suburban housewife faction: Your husband doesn't need to know you voted for Kerry. Hopefully he will be too. Some of these swing states need to be swung already. Help make this happen. Put this nation back on track. If you have home bound friends, drive them to the polls. This election is vital! We can not survive 4 more years of this continuing nonsense.

Moral of this blog: I am the Well Dressed Librarian, and I approve of this message.

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