Monday, November 15, 2004

Back East

Despite the fact that my domestic bells are ringing as Thanksgiving nears, I have decided to take a small detour and go back East for a few days. I'll be catching some modern dance at BAM, sipping macchiato at one of my favorite cafes across from the now defunct Canal Street Jeans Company, and staring at men in Little Italy despite the fact that a)I have a boyfriend and b)They are probably Mafioso and straight.

I hope to take a picture in front of Patience and Fortitude despite the fact that they are both getting "make overs". Its tradition. I have way to many pictures like this. At any rate, don't miss me too much. I promise to come back and fill all of your hearts with stories of cheer and etc.

Plus MOMA just reopened? What are my chances of getting tickets? Hmmm. Better make a few well placed phone calls.

And do not fear. My Thanksgiving update will be posted soon. I'm looking at a sit down for 20, and more to show up after for dessert and vino!

Moral of this blog: Always travel light. Or just be light in the loafers.

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