Thursday, November 18, 2004


28 pounds of this once feathered friend are now defrosting in anticipation of being consumed by 20+ lovely guests.

I realized with my trip to NY coming (at 3pm today)I would not have time to buy and properly defrost my bird. Now some of you may be gasping in horror that I didn't call my Kosher Butcher and order this well in advance. I'm on a beer budget with champagne tastes. *how delightfully white trash to use that phrase!* Frozen is lovely when done properly. 4 lbs a day in a refridgerator will defrost. So, I'm fine. Anything still looking a bit frozen will be cured in the brine bath it gets before I stuff it.

Stuff the turkey that is.

I still have to put my product and other toiletries in my small carry-on valise. Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving updates. If anything, I will have you all hosting lavish dinner parties-even if you aren't a well dressed librarian. Which I hope you all are.

Moral of this blog: This is the only time of year I find myself sticking my hand wrist deep inside of anything.

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