Monday, November 22, 2004

New York

While I was unable to knash on a goodie from the Yonah Shimmel Knish Bakery this time, I still had a wonderful visit to NYC.

I kept hearing "This is why I need to be a corporate librarian." I loved every fast paced second. I love people watching, walking quickly, smoking on the fire escape, getting fresh bagels in the morning...10 steps from my place. And the languages, and the skins, and the cultures all spinning around me. I'm ready to trade in this loaf of Wonderbread life that I have right now for something much spicier. NY is the place for me, and I've got to go back. I just don't want to be too old when I do it. A 4th floor walk up on Park Ave is going to play havoc on my knees.

I was able to go to the grand reopening of the MOMA. How tremendous. Lots of news coverage...I kept tipping my black wool newsboy cap down over my eyes and lifting my Burberry scarf over my mouth to avoid being recognized. Imagine a double mob scene...but it was the MOMA's day, and not I played along. I was able to see my very favorite piece of art by Max Ernst. Roughtly translated "Two Children being terrorized by a Nightengale". Awww, isn't that precious?

I was also treated to one of my other favorite works "The Lovers" by Magritte, and the delightfully lesbotronic work "Object in Fur".

My boyfriend was charmed by the work of Giacometti. It was refreshing to see that he is still keenly titualated by tall, thin, sharply featured men.

SoHo, NoHo, Chelsea and Spanish Harlem. Even ventured to Brooklyn to see some modern dance. Pina Bausch is amazing.

Moral of this blog:Knish or no knish, NY is delish.

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