Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Not Proper

This is what the WDL is reading right now. When I was just sitting here thinking of myself, I thought..."what? you've never wrote and told your dear dear fans what you read? and you call yourself a librarian?"

I quickly reminded myself that I actually call myself a Well Dressed Librarian...the emphasis being strictly on the haute librarian panache that I exude. But Yes! I do enjoy a good sit down with a book.

Right now I am reading, cover to cover Ms. Post's 17th edition of what is proper decorum and what isn't. I'm glad to know that spitting on sidewalks is still a no-no. But I am also reading A Passion To Preserve: Gay Men as keepers of Culture. It is a delightful look inside the world of preservation...antiques houses, etc and how gay men played a strong role. And lots of what not and etc about sexual roles of gay men...perhaps a bit stereotypical for the fag who will not admit to enjoying a whif of Grandma's Chanel perfume and can rebuild the chassy under his hood..but for someone like me, its triumphant. I am a keeper of culture.

While the age of "thank you" notes on personal stationery is gone, I continue to plug along..handwriting them in my favorite black Waterman ink and Green fountain pen. I find myself obsessed with etiquette because sometimes there isn't much to hang on to, yet decorum is always there like a faithful lap dog. If you look.

When I lived abroad it amazed me that people even had escaltor etiquette, something that seems to have never even emerged in the States. Then again, we are talking about me - the person who notices if your belt buckle isn't the same color metal as your watch. It's in the details.

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple has a "Village Theory", that every person is basically a personality type based on an archetypal figure from her village of St. Mary Meade. Its true. 95% of the people I've met..I've met before in some way shape or form. Its truely in the details. Before me, there was my hero Beverley Nichols. I am sure someday there will be another well dressed, OCD, snobbish prude that I narcissistically identify with. Who were you? Or better yet, who would I say reminded me of you?

All of this wraps up to one thing: People have forgotten where they came from. The people before them. Its good to remember your manners. If you don't-your just going to have someone like me remind you of them. WHICH is OK, according to Emily Post. Perserve your past.

Moral of this blog: When carrying an open umbrella, it is common courtesy for the taller person to lift their umbrella slightly higher so as not to hit the other person's umbrella.

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