Friday, November 05, 2004


So what does any self respecting faggy librarian do to pick himself up?

The Ballet of course.

Today I took in a matinee performance of a modern ballet. Being surrounded by elderly women, nanny's with thier wards, and a few school children are just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps you thought I'd still be sulking and wearing black? Au contraire.

I've heard a few concerns voiced about the sentiments contained in my last post. First, let me assure you,dear republican fans, that I do not hate you. I will only go on thinking that while you love me, you just detest my moral fiber, my orientation, and my liberal mindset. I had no idea how many republican readers I had until I got lots of lovely letters from you-thank you all for your assurances.

Other things I shall do to help me recover, as I do with any situation that I feel emotionally at a loss:

1. Shopping. It supports the economy. I'm going to try to buy from the little guys. Try. It would be easier if they sold Chanel fragrances at the Farmers Market though.

2. Smoke more.

3. Go to bed earlier. Then I'll have to be more productive during the day. Thats actually a double bonus.

4. Take in more culture. I do love the arts.

OK, so really, I do these things all the time anyway. If nothing is going to change, then NOTHING is going to change here either. Ahhh. Good. So, adoring fans, do not worry, WDL will remain the same too-only I won't get to appoint 3 supreme court justices in the next 4 years.

Moral of this blog: Treat malaise with ballets, and you'll be fine.

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