Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hark, the harold jailbird sings

I realize that I promised no more public library blogs, but sometimes things are too good not to share.

Yesterday morning, as I was clearing out the book drop, a few more things came through the slot, and nearly missed hitting my perfectly coifed head. After picking up the DVD's that were returned I noticed a bright red envelope.

"How nice," I thought to myself "the patrons are remembering us this during the holiday season." So I took the DVD's out to the desk, and waved the festive red envelope around, and announced "It looks like we got a Christmas card!"

Then I turned it over, and realized that it wasn't even addressed to us. Instead it was addressed to an inmate, complete with prisoner number.

Of course I didn't open it, that would be a terrible crime. But I realized that I am honestly working in da hood. What is a holiday unless you send a warm fuzzy greeting to an incarcerated loved one? I put it in the out going mail pile, and washed my hands with hot water and soap. The kind we use to take gum off of books.

So, happy holidays to all of you locked up this holiday. Even you dear Ms. Stewart.

Moral of this blog: Jail Mail, its a good thing.

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