Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm done soaking in it, OR 2004 in Review

2004 is almost over with my dear readers. People ask me, what happened this past year that has really changed your life? Outside of buying a pink ascot, I'm not really sure what has "shaped me", nothing really lights the corners of my mind when I think of 2004. But I'll make a go at it.

Weezy Jefferson, aka Isabel Sanford
Fay Wray, aka the lady in King Kong
Captain Kangaroo
Julia Child
Madge, the pamolive lady.
Peter Ustinov
Alistair Cooke, the voice of Masterpiece Theatre
Estee Lauder

I could go on. These were just a few that made me gasp when I found out. One of those "ohhh, not them" sorts of reactions.


*Mr."Exercise Video", checks lots of them out...only I know he's not exercising to them...well, the way they are meant to be worked out to. But hey, if he thinks its free porn, then let him.

*Getting the new self-check out machines. G-d forbid the public learn to do ANYTHING for themselves.

Disgruntled patron: "You know you are going to lose your job? Computers do it all, I can't even talk to a person anymore"

WDL: "You are talking to a person right now."

*Almost 100% staff turn around at my branch. Maybe it is as dog eat dog as the corporate world.

*I interned at a very prestigious University for my final paper. The only thing that happened in 2004 that made me question wanting to be a corporate librarian. The experience was that wonderful. But, I still want to Thbe Bunny Winters.

*The Well Dressed Librarian's blog was discovered. And not by more adoring fans. It actually drove up my site traffic. Thanks!

*I realized that children under 10 know words like "fuck", "shit", "cunt", "whore", "faggot" and "bitch". Not only do they know them, but use them in context. Ahhh, inner city youth.

*I became an uncle for the 3rd time.
*My cat gained 3.5 more lbs, now weighing in at 21.9 lbs.
*I switched to a Chanel fragrance
*I celebrated my 6 year anniversary with my boyfriend
*Hosted my largest Thanksgiving to date
*Went home to visit for the first time in 3 years.
*Seriously invested in China (not the country you idiot, the type you eat off of)..and here you were having kind thoughts of me.

So that wraps 2004. If any of you have other ideas for what you feel shaped my life, please let me know. I'm sure one of my bitter readers will feel that they had a profound effect on me, and will be greatly disheartened when they don't see their name(s).

As you can see, a year boils down to almost nothing. Hard to believe another one is on its way.

Moral of this blog: If you are alone on New Year, just drink more. You won't even notice.

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