Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mmmm. Now Finish me off

Alas I am three quarters of the way done with this MLS degree. I handed in my version of my thesis today: "Bibliographic Instruction and Information Literacy in Undergraduate Institutions". This was after completing "Preservation Selection Methods for print material in Academic Institutions" and "Indexing Non-Print materials."

I am so finished. Today I had a laugh with my advisor. She recounted to me that when I came on board, I was bound and determined to become the next celebrity cataloguer. (who knew there weren't any?). As I handed in my final, I whispered to her "I am switching gears...I'm going reference, I can't handle this..."

While I only half remember saying something like that, its true. I had a bleeding ulcer by the time I was done with my cataloguing final...which hasn't stopped me from taking Cataloguing II this spring. Which reminds me...

I graduate in May. I will officially be the Well Dressed Librarian. Archive Managment, E-Publishing, and Cataloguing II...then I'm finished. I've already finished my scholarly paper...a semester early I won't have to deal with that later. I just don't know what to do with myself. I feel like I have nothing to do, like I should be researching something. I spent so much time cleaning my house, reorganizing my closet and sock drawer in to color order, and moving paintings around in my house to procrastinate on my real work...and now there isn't any to do. Even my house is immaculate. Maybe I can alphabatize my spice cabinet again...even though its already in alphabetical order. Rainman watch out.

Moral of this blog: Nothing feels better than finishing...especially if its at the same time.

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