Friday, December 31, 2004

Resolutions of a Well Dressed Librarian

This year? What could I possibly resolve to do this year? I am one of the most resolute people I've ever met in my entire life, not to mention hot.

How about something cliche? "I want to make a difference in the field of library science." Mucho generico.

I already have made a huge difference-just by being a sexy librarian? Come-on. Thats like 8 years worth of contribution to the field.

Of course, I do want to learn Yiddish this year. Thats one. A hot ethnic librarian. Mmmm, kinda makes you all puffy down there doesn't it? Thats my job. Serve the answer seeking public. If they end up having private little fantasies about me and my well fitted trousers, well, thats up to them isn't it?

I do resolve to be a hotter, more Jewish librarian this 2005.

Should I resolve something more?

Maybe. But being a hot librarian is a pretty tall order to begin with. Not many to help share the burden, ya know what I mean. I also resolve to remove the "MLIS student" from my above description on Friday May 13th. I'll replace it with attractive librarian.

Did you just roll your eyes? You can love yourself. Its OK.

Now, off to lay out this evenings clothes for the New Years party at B-'s, and a heartfelt "sorry" to the other two parties I RSVP'd out of.

Moral of this blog: 2005 is going to be pop-your-cork hot for this librarian.

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