Thursday, December 23, 2004

A Well Dressed Christmas

Holiday Greetings from the WDL. As the holiday approaches, I often become filled with thoughs as to what this time of year means.

Lets start with the weather in the almost sqare state. We have tons of snow. We didn't two days ago, but we do now. Everything as far as my perfectly almond shaped eyes can see is covered with ice and snow. Nothing says Christmas like a level 2 snow emergency. We are trapped here, and unable to leave to visit my boyfriends hour and a half away because my county is surrounded by level 3 snow emergencies, which means no travel. Glad I stocked up on Peppermint Schnapps!

Second, for all of you who induldge in domestic bliss & clearing the walks..some fashion advice. This is the time of year when people have heart attacks while clearing the walks. My suggestion is to dress well, so if you do happen to die, you won't be embarrassed. While I did have a cigarette hanging out of my mouth while I was shoveling..I was wearing cordovan patent leather loafers, chocolate pin striped pants, a white shirt with curry colored stripes, and a Donna Karan pink and salmon tie. This was capped with a white cardigan. I wore a grey wool 8 button pea-coat, a black newsboy cap, and a khaki Burberry plaid scarf. Had I died, my corpse would have been perfectly ready to inter. They would have, of course, decided my cause of death as over exertion, and pulminary failure due to smoking. Clever, no? Of course, designer underwear are de rigeur-and I don't have to mention that to my well dressed readers. I happen to prefer trunk cut boxer briefs, but that is only because I have an incredibally cute and well toned lower abdomen.

Another suggestion for being snowed in: Color coordinate your closet. All your clothes should be in order by color, specifically ROYGBIV order. Blacks, followed by Whites (its alphabetical at that point).

I suggest these things to you because I am not only a fashionista, but also quite practical. Fashion Cares, and so do I.

Shoveling snow in couture may seem impossible to some, but my question is: Have you tried it? Of course you haven't, because you all think shoveling snow isn't a special occasion. Every day is a special occasion in my gracious, gay, Truman Capote world. So look the part. Besides, death isn't pretty, or so they say. We might as well make the best of it, n'est pas?

With these happy yet practical words, I wish you all a Safe & Merry Christmas. And to all my Pagan fans, a belated and happy Winter Solstace.

Moral of this blog:I'm not going to be dreaming about a white Christmas, I'll be living it.

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