Saturday, December 11, 2004

Well Dressed Christmas Party

What a better way to spend the holidays, then going to parties. Last night the WDL went to a fabulous *Christmas* party. The decorations were impecable, and who wouldn't expect that from a friends named CoCo & Amiti? The mantle was decked in white tapers, and pillars, wrapped with tinsel and garland swags. Big band Christmas music wafted through the house. The smell of mulled cider and gingerbread filled my senses.

At any rate, I realized as I looked around at all the happy shiney faces, I was alone. The only Jew at the party. Which in most situations isn't a bad thing. I do enjoy getting a bit of center stage time. I even wore my "Everybody loves a Jewish Boy" t-shirt...(I actually looked a bit skater boy with my Diesel sneakers on).

Fortunately, as the party progressed, another "one" arrived at the party so I didn't feel quite so alone.

I had to laugh. My experience last night was the equivlant of Barbara Striesand's Christmas Album. On odd pairing, but never the less essential.

Did I just call myself essential? And had I been thinking about something besides bringing champagne, I might have remembered to bring the Babs album. In fact, I think I'll play them today. Plus it will give me a reason to belt out Ave Maria.

Moral of this blog: For a successful Christmas party, add one part champagne, one part jews.

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