Sunday, October 31, 2004


Sunday October 31, 2004

ALMOST SQUARE STATE (Reuters)- The Well Dressed Librarian has released his endorsement for John Kerry. Despite the risk of becoming a pariah among his adoring republican fans, he "felt this was necessary". Over tea and small sandwiches, the WDL repeatedly stressed that it was "important for the nation to get out to the polls", and "exercise [their] right to vote". He feels that Kerry will be able to push the states back into some order, create jobs, and not create an environment for gay Americans that would push them back "60 years". He additionally noted that it would not harm Americans to have a first lady who spoke 14 languages fluently.

Please people. Get out to the polls on Tuesday. Vote. Call your friends to vote. Its OK to vote for Kerry even if your domineering parents are voting for Bush. To my adoring suburban housewife faction: Your husband doesn't need to know you voted for Kerry. Hopefully he will be too. Some of these swing states need to be swung already. Help make this happen. Put this nation back on track. If you have home bound friends, drive them to the polls. This election is vital! We can not survive 4 more years of this continuing nonsense.

Moral of this blog: I am the Well Dressed Librarian, and I approve of this message.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Temper Temper!!

Dear Mr. Self Important,

I am so sorry that you drove for 2 hours after attending a funeral to come to class today. I suppose that excuses you for acting like a totally absorbed, overly important, self righteous fool. I'm paying to take this class too. I would have liked it if you didn't leave the professor rattled when you made your dramatic exit.

Perhaps as an undergraduate your professors liked being verbally abused infront of the class. Perhaps you never heard of the old saying "Excuse me, could I make an appointment with you after class?" Instead, we got the show of you reprimanding the professor and then you grabbing your things and storming out of the room.

You were unprofessional, and despite your load of 6 classes..this just doesn't look good. I don't know where the rest of your education came from, but disrespecting professors because you think you are misunderstood is a terrible idea. Especially when you do it infront of other students, who could some day be your colleagues.

I hope you sleep well tonight. You can put away the cranky when you change into your pajamas.

All my best,

Friday, October 22, 2004

Romanticizing the libraian

To the curious, my health has returned to me, in part from the gracious outpouring of get well wishes from my devoted readers.

For the past several weeks my spirits have been sagging. Hearing about "saturation of the job market" and the "funding and budgetary cuts" being suffered by many libraries has made my heart sink. Yet in the back of my mind, the librarian I want to be has endured. It was pointed out to me by a colleague that "I make the life of a librarian sound so romantic", and indeed I stand by that sentiment.

We are taught to believe that librarians are chronic shushers, ill spirited old women who are gaurdians of the books. Has anyone stopped to think of all the people who are non-traditional librarians? Glamorous lifes they lead. A few examples.

*Corporate Librarians-knowledgeable and generously paid individuals who can afford a wardrobe. Smart, sassy, and chic. My favorite corporate librarian is one of the smartest women I know, as well as one of the smartest dressed women I've ever met. Not your typical librarian.

*Auction House Cataloguers-Dealing with some of the finest objects you can imagine. Invites to cocktail parties because they talk about more than books, and considered "marketing tools" by many. They can discuss the current market price of many items, as well as discuss their provenance in detail. Delicious.

*Luxery Cruise Line Librarians- They travel the seven seas, and speak several languages. They maintain collections on board luxery liners that please the international masses. Plus, they stay in posh quarters, and have travel perks that make Robinson Carusoe look like a house-bound geriatric.

*Preservation Librarians-Shocked that this is mentioned? There are fewer than 200 of them. Usually they hold faculty positions, and publish. Many of them speak as guest lectuerers at prestigious conferences held globally. They fix our libraries up after disaster strikes. They are sort of the knights-in-shinging cardigans in our profession.

*Special Collections Librarians-NY Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo, Fashion Institute of Technology, MOMA, New York State Music Association, l'Opera : All of these librarians essentially get to play with what they love all day long. Not all of them are called librarians...sadly. Imagine being the historian for the House of Chanel, or the Edith Piaf museum in Paris. Each a bona fide librarian.

*Historic Library Librarians-The Bodlian, The Radcliffe Camera, Sorbonne, The Library of Congress, Yale: Sexy old libraries with rich, decadent librarians quarters. Perhaps the pay isn't as fabulous as the librarys' architecture-but you have a mahogony desk and genuine tortoise shell lampshades. One can not argue with the thought of this being on your business card.

Libraries are romantic. Not in the "dry hump the librarian" sort of sexy way, but in a historically, waxing poetic sort of way. They've endured, and we get to act as gatekeepers for them. Showing them off like a new engagement ring to each new set of eyes that walk in. That is beautiful to me. I've wanted to do this since I was 4 years old-and the day is soon approaching when I'll be able to "show my place off".

So as for the bun headed, support hose wearing, corderoy, asexual stereotype...put it to bed. A majority of my readers have already broken out of the mold. A beefy, handsome archivist, a sasspants curate at the Chrysler Museum, a vintage cardigan, horn rim wearing bombshell public librarian...all proud of our jobs, and having jobs to be proud of.

Maybe my rose tinted lenses don't see the picture clearly, but if dillusions of grandeur get me where I want to be, then I say wear them.

Moral of this blog: Turn down the furnace, its the librarian that is hot.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I blame Chanel

Because nothing makes me feel better than sympathy, I've decided to write to you, my devoted readers,from my sick bed.

Imagine me, propped up by well upholstered pillows, steaming tea at my bedside, my white-posh-hotel monogrammed housecoat wrapped around me, capped with a cashmere Burberry scarf. It seems that no matter what I do, I feel even worse than before.

My obese housecat Moscow is standing sitting gaurd over me, and the drone of some voice on NPR keeps me company. I detest being sick. I can't be sick. I have too many things to do. Besides, I haven't got a housekeeper, and being sick without a housekeeper is absolutely no fun. Think about it. I have to get up to pour myself more tea! The idea is horrible.

In my entire life, I can remember being sick about 5 times. I think my icy constitution keeps the flu and colds away...not even they want to deal with me. On occasion, a brave strain makes it through and into my svelte, bookish build. I am being molested by a cold.

As an almost librarian working with the public, you know where I am going to cast the blame. It is the public, with their sticky books and open coughs, and spray action sneezes. It is the children who touch me, the patrons who are "close talkers", and a lack of hygene all around. Despite my sudsy bath sponge baths, vitamin routine, and hand washing mania-one sneaks up on me once in a while.

And this leads me to my conclusion. I blame Chanel. I let Marc Jacobs take a break, and began wearing Allure. It is the perfect fragrance for the perfect librarian. But perhaps it was the allure of Allure that drew all those patrons inches too close to me. "follow the fragrance" they thought, and like children looking into the Christmas display windows of Macy's...they gaze upon me much too closely. I can hear them from 2 feet away..a normal comfort zone, and yet...inches from my face they regale me with stories of lost books, burglaries that have left them bereft of their library materials, and other amazing feats of biblio-loss.

They must touch my palm when giving me fine money, even though I have taken the time to master the art of "the non-tactile pass off". And as I've mentioned before, I am not allowed to take liberties with the Lysol that sits so close to the desk.

I imagine I'd use it like mace anyway.

I am tired now. I need to rest. Send me your well wishes, you dear dear readers.

Moral of this blog: Even sickness can be stylish.

Its off to work we go

I thought it might be helpful to post a few job listings here as I receive them. If I can't get them, maybe someone else is able to!

The Cleveland Area African American Library Association (CAALA) is
dedicated to helping Afrrican American in the Library and Informatin
Science profession address their needs as minorities in the specialized
field of information dissemination.

CAALA is pleased to extend their services to Library Science students
who attend KSU-SLIS but who live in the Greater Cleveland Area.

For questions about CAALA, please contact Carol Johnson-Russell, Public
Relations Chair, or Lainey Westbrooks, President of CAALA, at
216-541-4128, extension 229.
Or, send an e-mail to

This is the official ad for my position, which appeared in yesterday's Columbus Dispatch. I will be here until 4 pm Monday, Nov. 1st.
Sandra Wicker, Librarian, The Parker Medical Library, Grady Memorial Hospital/OhioHealth, 561 W. Central Ave., Delaware, OH 43015
Tel: 740-368-5335, FAX: 740-368-5770, email:


Medical Librarian

Grady Memorial Hospital has a full-time opportunity available for a Medical Librarian.

This position is responsible for the daily management and operation of The Parker Medical Library. The librarian conducts literature searches for users, answers reference questions, compiles information packets, assists in the training and supervision of the library volunteers, collects and compiles appropriate library statistics, and assists in the ordering and processing of library materials.

Candidates must have a Master s degree in Library Science, one to three years library experience, computer experience including word processing, Internet searching, and electronic medical databases including MEDLINE and CINAHL. Knowledge of library policies and procedures, medical terminology and basic information sources in medicine, nursing, allied and consumer health and supervisory experience is preferred.

We offer a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits program and the opportunity for professional development. To apply, please e-mail your resume and salary requirements to:, or mail to 561 West Central Avenue, Delaware, OH 43015.

Position: System Administrator

Search committee will begin reviewing applications on October 29, 2004

Salary& Benefits: $38,000-$43,000 (Depending on Qualifications, plus benefits.

Summary: Opportunity for creative, motivated M.L.S. professional to plan and direct 20 county, multi-type library system. Emphasis on developing programs/services.

Qualifications: Residency within the System, valid driver's license, M.L.S. froma an ALA-accredited library school, and extensiver travel/consultation within System area required. Knowledge of technology and library software important. Public library experience desired.

Candidates Should Submit:
-application letter
-three current work related references

To Apply: Send all materials to-
Republican Valley Library System
c/o Vicki Perrie
2727 West 2nd Street
Hastings, NE 68901

Questions or Additional Information:

Position: Director of Technology and Sponsored Research

Review of applications will commence December 1, 2004 and continue until position is filled

Salary& Benefits: Commensurate with qualifications and experience

Summary: Seeking a creative, innovative and experienced person to head digital technology reserach efforts and manage technology operations within the Libraries. Will expand and enhance existing working relationships with other information systems units at Purdue, as well as with academic departments and labs engaged in complementary reserach efforts. Will be a member of the libraries' senior management team and will contribute to long-range planning, program development and evaluation, budget formulation, and allocation of resources in support of the Libraries' mission.

Qualifications: Masters degree in Library or Information Science from an ALA-accredited program. Seven or more years experience. Demonstrated knowledge of best practices and current trends and issues in the application of technology. Work effectively in a matrix environment, effective communication, interpersonal, analytical, and creative problem-solving skills.
Candidates Should Submit:
-cover letter
-three current references

To Apply: Send all materials to-
Thomas L. Haworth
Human Resources Administrator
Purdue University Libraries-HRS
504 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058

Additional Information about university library:

Good luck.

Moral of this blog: Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match...

Saturday, October 16, 2004


To all my Jewish Librarian Peeps, go apply for this scholarship. It could help you buy a couple of books.

I will admit, I have not applied for a scholarship since I was an undergrad, but they paid for so much stuff. As an almost librarian, I feel I would be remiss for not sharing this one, that and the guilt of not sharing it. Oy.

You don't actually need to be Jewish, just studying library science with a focus in Judaica. But it helps if you are hot and Jewish too. OK, that helps me. Nevermind.

Moral of this blog: Scholarships = Free Money. Now to find a dinner party scholarhip....

Monday, October 11, 2004

Coming Out Day

I hate to astound my readers, but in honor of National Coming Out Day I have decided to tell all my readers something. My boyfriend is gay. Yes, its true. He's a homosexual. I don't mind, it seems to have its perks.

When I was an undergrad, I don't remember National Coming Out Day. I'm sure it exisited, but I was not aware of it. Last night was my first Sunday night on Reference Desk at Practicum College. On my walk up to the doors of the fabulously built 1937 building, I noticed all the "come out come out where ever you are" chalkings on the sidewalk...including my new favorite "Boys will do boys". The mid 90's allowed us to be seen and heard...but not like this. I'm so glad that I have been an openly faggy guy...its blazed trails for the masses.

And best now, I'm going to be a I can inform the young and yearning masses about the history of gaydom. Although this won't be my primary responsibility. I prefer to think of myself as a role model for the students in that I've perfected the balance between my fashionable nature and my kind heartedness. People can see that homos are more than interior designers and floral arrangers. We can also be big gay librarians. And with such a butch profession under my belt (that matches my shoes) I can be bold in my endevours.

Male librarians seem to have gotten a bad rap. Sure there are more women...but hey, what a better way to meet chicks. Infiltrate them covertly. So to all you hunky, sexasonic men who have found themselves in a quandry...come be a librarian. There is nothing I'd love more than to work with hilarious pretty women and strapping, smart men. Trust me, its totally for your benefit...not for my pleasure.

So, happy coming out day. Let someone know you are queer today. If you are. Read the rules on the homepage, you don't have to come out unless you are gay. I just wanted to be clear on that. The gay rule handbook is very strict about those things.

Moral of this blog: Good luck to all of you starting your journey today, you can thank me later for encouraging you.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Dear Martha

In case you live under a rock, Martha has been sentenced to 5 months at Alderson Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia. She begins her sentence tomorrow.

For other devotees, this information might be useful. A few words of encouragement while she is away from home might be nice.

FPC Alderson
Glen Ray Road, Box B
Alderson, West Virginia 24910
Fax: 304-445-2675

Her inmate number is 55170-054. Her name and inmate number should be
included on any correspondence.

I for one plan on writing.

Moral of this blog: Letter writing. Its a good thing.

Like Sand through an hourglass

These are the days of my life. I started this blog almost a year ago to chronicle my grad school experience. I did not expect that anyone would read the entries let alone comment. I had no idea what a blog was until I googled "library grad students thoughts" or something like that..and came across the Male Centerfold Librarian (aka Jonny Angel) and began to realize that this community needed a voice, or at least realized I wanted this community to hear my voice.

This past week I did something that I was looking forward to last fall. I registered for my last three classes. I will have my MLIS around Mother's Day 2005. It couldn't be happening at a better time. I was just talking to my dear Mother and whining about how much grad school is burning me out. She told me time passes by quickly, and that when my last year began...before I knew it I'd be graduating. Turns out she was right...registering for these last few classes has really given me the "second wind" that I needed right now.

So, in the spring as tulips push their way through the earth, and as the robins start laying eggs I will be taking Archive management, Cataloguing II, and web publishing. I am glad that I am nearing an end, but also sad that I will be leaving so many of my dear colleagues behind. A few in particular:

1. The delightful museum curator, who instructs belly dancing in her free time.

2. The comic obsessed, horned-rim glasses wearing beauty.

3.My dear dear advisor, who has put up with my type A personality, left her homephone number for "my emergencies" with the departmental secretary, and returns my emails within 15 minutes regardless of the time they are sent out.

4. My coffee and cigarette after class worrier with the black-bob.

There are many more, and in an almost unfair way I can't spend the time listing them all. This also means that its about time for this blog to take a new direction. I'll no longer be the "fashionably dressed MLIS student". I'll be the fashionably dressed librarian, and I'm hoping I'll have a job right out of school.

Despite all this, I am very pleased with the direction my education has taken. I've learned a tremendous amount about librarianship...enough so that people now have to sit through a 15 minute schpiel when they dare ask "Librarians need a Masters degree?"

So, *raising my Johnson Brothers cup from its matching saucer* Here's to the next generation of librarians. Thank you for reading, there is more to come.

Moral of this blog: ALA is about to have its hands full.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


One may ask what a well dressed librarian does in his down time. I have dinner parties. Last night I broke all records for myself, and hosted a sit down dinner for 35 people. It was actually a welcome to the department dinner for my boyfriends ENTIRE grad department..1st through 3rd year grad students.

Up until this point, I had capped at 18 for my largest dinner party...which was actually a Thanksgiving dinner, and as my Mother reminds me, Thanksgiving IS NOT a dinner party. I digress. Despite the fact that I had to serve people on 4 different sets of china..I think things went well. Thank G-d I had enough matching wine glasses. I felt like a terrible host serving off all those paterns at once, but people seemed to be more astounded that they were eating off china than anything else.

Another fun part was commandeering my neighbors kitchen. I need another stove top, and more counter space. Townhouses are great, but galley kitchens do have thier drawbacks. Running back and forth between them wearing my perma-wrinkled Soho find button down, with a pair of gray slacks. Over them, my red-logo apron given to me by Jet magazine...ahhh, the corporate days back in Chicago.

The menu:
*brie, havarti, wisconsin black wax cheddar, seedless grapes (red and green), 5 types of crackers.
*cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, bosc pear, and berries
Enough wine to drown a couple of horses
Pesto served over wheat penne
Turkey Linguine
Terragon Eggplant and Tomatoe served over cappelini
Tossed baby greens and sun dried tomatoes with balsamic vinagrette and chevre
Roasted Garlic Loaf, 2 Italian Boules, and a loaf of Rosemary Olive oil bread.
Apple Pie with whipped heavy cream
German Chocolate cake
Chocolate chip cookies
Vanilla Ice cream

There were candles lit, and Benny Goodman playing all night. What a tremendous time. I really hope this helped bring the department one step closer. It was nice to step out of my librarian role for a night.

Moral of this blog: Burn one; take it through the garden and pin a rose on it. ORDER UP!