Thursday, January 13, 2005

Catholic Font

The script of choice for priests across America? No, my gentle readers, this is where I am going this weekend; to watch a baby get dipped in water blessed by the Pope himself. I am going to be a part of my boyfriends first nieces christening. We've purchased a hallmark greeting card as well.

We will be staying in a hotel near the church. I have already picked out my smartest pajamas and slippers to take along with me. We will be sharing a room with his brother in law. He snores. I am bringing along some earplugs, and planning on wearing my smart pajamas while I sleep in the tub. Should I lose too much sleep I am also bringing along some sleeping tablets. This is how a well dressed librarian travels.

I am bringing along a cleverly packed piece of Samsonite luggage, which I shall carry on board the plane with me. This will prohibit the airport from losing my luggage and my brilliantly folded trousers, neckties, and cardigans. What, you may ask does a Jew wear to a christening? Blue my dears. Blue. This isn't a written rule, but rather one I fashioned after watching several PBS documentaries on Catholicism. The priest will most definitely be wearing black under his white robes, and I do not want to upstage the baby wearing her family heirloom christening gown. So I shall wear blue. Besides, it flatters my olive complexion. I imagined myself wearing my Clark Kent-esque glasses, but supposed that they are more effective when I am being a librarian.

Then to a party to celebrate the baby's christening. I am guessing this part is more for the adults, as I can not imagine the baby sipping red wine and eating canap├ęs. Though it would amuse me.

I have many more stories to share with you, but I am getting back into the swing of school. Homework aleady, but I will be done in May.

Moral of this blog: I was going to say I can't wait to see the priest make the baby wet, but that sounds dirtier than I would intend it.

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