Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rose Kennedy had a black dress

I'm sure she actually had quite a few. I write about this because today, the well dressed librarian is wearing black. Today is the inauguration, and while in the past my political leanings have gained me somewhat of a enemy following, I dare to mention those affiliations again today.

I am wearing a black button down tuxedo shirt with all the fine accoutrements one would expect on a well dressed librarian, on his day off. Usually, I don't explain my picture choice. I think this one is pretty self explanatory (though I am troubled by the carelessly discarded paper cup by her buttock). But of course, it has a back story to go with it.

Its hard for me to say something as simple as "yes", so I pepper my speech with lines that imply agreement. My favorite one of these lines requires a question with a yes answer, so I can quip "Does Rose Kennedy own a black dress?" Hence, this all ties in quite nicely together. Of course, this has been slightly altered since her passing, requiring me to ask "DID, rather than DOES", but semantics semantics. Besides, half the people I say it to have no idea who Rose Kennedy was, or why she would have needed a black dress.

Often, people as me "do you sit and think of the things your going to say?" Now think about that. Imagine me with a little leather notebook(sorry PETA)thinking of things to say, and quickly jotting notes down with my deco waterman. Making a quick reference before I go out so I have plenty of hilarious things to say in response to things that MIGHT be said. Silly isn't it?

The reality is, I can't help myself. Perhaps its something I have not self diagnosed properly yet (as I did in the cases of having typhoid, scarlet fever, and Ebola). Two things are glaringly evident, one, as my Grandmother would say, "I'm a little off"; and two I'm tremendously well dressed. The combination lends itself to me being a smart ass. I'm pretty, so I can get away with it.

That is why today, I choose to wear black. It is slightly daring, and makes a statement. Perhaps some of my darling readers will join me in this fashion choice du jour. It will just be a bonus if you are hot, that you will look even sexier while making the statement.

Moral of this blog: Sexy librarians can get away with pretty much anything.

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