Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Humor in the Class Room

another square state Today in Cataloging II, we had to create Library of Congress Subject Headings for a list of given titles.

Among them: "They fell for the Union: Pennsylvanians who died for their country in the Civil War."

That is hilarious enough. As the class went on, we approached this title. Of course, the answer was:

651 -0 United States--#xHistory--#xCivil War, #1861-1865--#v registers of the dead.

We enquired about the lack of Pennsylvania in the Subject Heading. I even suggested a line "Pennsylvania-Deaths", but of course thats not an option anyway.

The professors reply cracked us up, without batting an eye she replied: "Because, Pennsylvanians can die anywhere."

She went on, after we all burst out into laughter, that this is a flaw in the system...and that furthermore, during the Civil War people from Pennsylvania didn't just die in Pennsylvania, they died in all the states they fought in. It was still hilarious.

Moral of this blog: Beware Pennsylvanians.

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