Monday, February 28, 2005

What I thought...

busy librarian What do librarians do? Do they do the things I am learning right now? I thought it would be all answering phones, and being friendly, and generally making the patrons feel like they were worth while, and providing them with answers to their questions, no matter how mundane. All I have is my own experience.

When I worked at prestigious University as an intern, that was what I did all day. I also got to create web pages, and go to meetings with Lexis-Nexis people. Oft invited, but rarely did I attend the faculty lunch/speaking engagment that was held on Tuesdays. I also liked the fact that the campus looked like a post card. The librarians specialize in subjects at this college, and they really work their asses off. Lots and lots of research. On a scale of one to ten, 9.5.

When I worked in the corporate world, I got to answer e-questions, sometimes other special libraries would call us and we'd help them with a project. If we ever got too much on our plates, which happened more often than not with only 2 of us, we could use the services of Find SVP or if we were lucky, a secretary could come from another department and lend a hand to unpacking all the mail that came to the library. I'm not kidding, I could literally get 15 buckets of mail in one day. But I also got to go to lunch at Fields, my former boss was a doll. She would treat me to lunch at really posh places. We'd talk about gardening, what kind of trees would look nice, and even once we looked at samples for what her counter top in her super fab home would look like. Corporate librarianship is basically burning the candles at both ends, but getting to work with other really dedicated people. Mega research, lots of filing, lots of respect. Again, busy busy busy. On a scale of one to ten. 10. Throw in the old boss, make it an "11".

I was wondering if I should apply for a job in the public sector, as a librarian. I have been reminded by several people that if I work for a public library, I will not really find it easy to move to an academic or private library.

Academic and corporate patrons are always grateful. Or so at least my rose colored experiences have proven to me. I've been advised, if I have to go public, do it for a brief period and then jump on board the corporate/academia train.

Why do librarians hate each other? Thats a whole other blog.

Moral of this blog: Thank you Public Libraries for making this choice for me.

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