Thursday, March 17, 2005

Liquid Luck of the Irish

not one is a 4 leaf clover I'll need it today. Today is my one and only midterm, of my final semester in grad school. The subject: Archival Management. The midterm: based on LECTURE NOTES. How insane is that?

Being the super anal retentive boy I am, I transcribed my marble notebook notes into a nice word document, that turned out to be 22 pages long. So this is what I study from. Then, in a moment of sheer panic inbetween cups of coffee, I called one of the professors and asked her all sorts of questions. Great. Now she thinks I'm a nutbag AND that I don't bother to study. Or maybe she thinks that I'm "really into archives". Whatever. I better pass this exam, I hate it when I can't skate by on charm, wit, and good looks.

I also decided to blog instead of study for the exam that is in 3 hours and 45 minutes. I mean I have studied, but I should be cramming, right? Thats normal isn't it? Will I remember the Black Box theory? (do I want to?) Who is this Richard Cox anyway, and why does everyone hate his writing? Helen Samuels, have you nothing better to do at MIT? Records Management techniques, Appraisal Theories, Documentation Strategies....did Ericson find anything in his little June Pasture experiment? Let me sum it up "The heavily funded Milwaukee archives project was a complete flop. BUT we did learn that cooperation is key". OH MY G-D! Pay me to write that.

Moral of this blog: Will 2 Baileys Irish Creams over ice provide the "luck of the Irish?" Well soon see......

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