Monday, March 14, 2005

Poor, poor Librarians

this better not be me

According to the NY Times, NYC librarians can hardly afford to pay rent based on a clever little scale provided by the US Gov't.

Now, just walking out into the field, this slightly concerns me. I do not want to be left out in the cold, nor do I want to be living in a hovel in Hoboken. NYC is one of the cities I'm thinking of. My partner is a choreographer, so its not much of a surprise that I'll be "helping out a bit more" with the expenses. I was also worried that I might live in Staten Island. This article relieved me of any such worries. As of today, there are no $1000-$1200 dollar rentals ANYWHERE on the island.

So, I read on. An excerpt from the paper states:

"The top occupations they have listed - security traders, commodity and financial service agents - could afford to pay, on average, $3,400 a month for rent," Dr. McCarthy said. "Their median wage is $136,000 a year." Psychiatrists, whose median wage is about $125,000, he said, can afford $3,100 a month.

"Interestingly enough," Dr. McCarthy continued, "the first occupation that can afford to rent the median apartment at $1,222 is real estate brokers, whose median income is $51,000" - throughout the five boroughs.

Among those who theoretically cannot afford $1,222 a month are police detectives, bus drivers, librarians and construction workers, who make $45,000 to $48,000 a year. They can afford about $1,125 in rent. And at the bottom of the list are manicurists, dishwashers, cashiers, service station attendants, counter clerks, home health aides, retail sales people and parking lot attendants, whose incomes of $14,000 to $18,000 a year allow them to afford rents of $350 to $450 a month.

The article goes on to say that behavior is key to getting an affordable apartment. With that, it is suggested
"Dress nicely, stalk the super, give him $50, flirt shamelessly if necessary and ask him to let you know when an apartment is available. People may have to wait until someone keels over."

I guess I better watch the obituaries in NYC, sounds like it might be better than watching the "housing available" ads.

Moral of this blog: It will be so hot when I am flirting with a Puerto Rican super. I hope I don't have to compromise my virtue as well.....

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