Thursday, April 28, 2005

More fun with Cataloging or why the AARC2rev is funny

rated x I swear to G-d, people do not realize how hilarious librarians can be, especially catalogers. The AARC2 proves that it is best to read all the details, it can read like a well written comedy, if you find the right parts.

Yesterday in Cataloging II, we were discussing DVD's, and how to catalog them. Our dear professor pointed out some details to us. You see, this happens to be one of the most devout group of cataloger wannabe's you've ever met. We actually feel guilt if we have small MARC records. We like 'em nice and beefy. So, our professor decided to feul our fire by pointing out a few more fields we could enter.

For example: field 586 allows you to input any awards that a movie has garnerned, permissions granted in 7B33.

Then she then pointed out that in field 521 we could note the MPAA rating of the movie.

The example given in section 7B24 gave this example:
521 8# $a MPAA rating X

Seems that the good folks at AARC2rev gave a porno as an example of ratings. After the laughter subsided (somewhat), she pointed out that in such a case, we may want to add a 506 $c field, noting that "viewing is restricted to librarians only".

Current rewriting of AARC3rev is underway right now. I've been "accused" of making up my own rules when I catalog. With rules like this, I might actually start to follow directions.

Another situation of great levity was when we were cataloging realia (actual objects, like cannon balls and toys). We were going to catalog womens clothing, and an example of "dresses" is given in the AARC2.

The professor said "OK, now to catalog womens clothing, we must first start by looking up a womans dress...." I swear, I can't make this stuff up. Library science is hilarious.

Moral of this blog: I am ALL over AARC4rev.

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