Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Desk Set

bunny watson Gentle readers, I write this sitting in the desk chair that my Grandfather ran his business from. It was one of the many things that I scored while shopping in my Grandmother's attic, basement, and china cabinet while I was home.

I spent all day Thursday working in the garden with my mother, which outside of the outstanding aesthetic Gertrude Jekyll-esque results, provided me with a delightful farmers tan. That aside, I must get to my point. We broke for lunch (which was equally delightful) when my cell phone rang. It was the HR department, offering me the job I had applied for. I thought it suspect that they asked for my NY contact information before I left the interview (had the interviewer made up her mind that quickly?)but nevertheless, I provided them with the appropriate numbers. As I stood in the bakery, where we picked up fresh bread for our sandwiches, I became the Assistant to the Director of Public Services. Quite a memorable moment. I earn about $2000 less than a beginner librarian, but this I don't mind. I have a job right out of graduate school, and for that I am grateful.

The rest of my day was spent moving the half ton of soil that my mother had delivered, and planting the various 150 plants we purchased for the new gardens. While I could easily charm you with Beverley Nichols style tales from the garden, I will save that for another day. Needless to say, I am delighted to use my newly acquired skills to support the directors of such a prestigious organization. And it is. It is ranked #4 Public Library in the nation, I've got my work cut out for me.

Another bonus of the job: my boss is a total fashionista. During my interview she wore a simple black skirt that dropped just past her knees, a fitted white blouse, and a strand of pearls carelessly knotted. Divine. Her almost snow white hair was worn with a diagonal part, cut in a fashionable bob. I may learn something from her!

I will miss my colleagues from the neighborhood branch, some more passionately than others. I will miss serving the colorful public of my neighborhood, but now I will be in a position that will support the managers of the branches-and they in turn can give the best service to the adoring public. OK, maybe not so adoring, but I do tend to write with flourish.

Best of all, I will have a desk again, located in the new construction with a view of the old Carnegie lobby. Perhaps now, I can really channel my fictional hero Bunny Watson. And its an excuse to dress the nines every day.

Moral of this blog: Sexy librarians + sexy offices= content Well Dressed Librarians

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