Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I took it in the rear

oopsSo, what does a librarian do after graduate school? Garden, read novels, iron french cuff shirts, polish cufflinks, AND run into cars.

Whats this you say? That part doesn't sound very domestic! And worse, I can't blame it on driving in heels.

My neighbor was having his lawn looked over by a very hunky landscaping man. Landscaping man parked right infront of his garage, which is right behind my driveway-we share the alley space between. So, while backing out, and talking about how much I loved my new ALA LIBRARIAN pin, I wasn't really paying attention to the huge, green pick-up truck behind me. CRUNCH. oops.

My fabulous sunset pearl-orange SUV was now missing most of its passenger side tail light, and the truck had a nice old dent on the fender above the wheel well. Worse, the landscaper was standing there the entire time that I was doing this.

I hopped out with my insurance card, and began writing all my information down with my Waterman fountain pen...and he said "forget it...its not worth it". With a bit of relief and regret, I said "OK".

This started my adventure, that eventually my dear friend S--- solved. The part, despite the fact the manufacturing plant is here in the almost sqare state, would take 2-3 days to come in. I am leaving for NY Wednesday at 6am...not gonna work. I called 7 garages, no one had the part, etc. etc. etc. Then the last dealership in the yellow pages confirmed one on a shelf in the back. So I told them to hold it, and I drove way east to buy it. $157.00 worth of tail light. They wanted to charge the same to put it on, in "two days, we can fit you in". Forget it.

So, S--- told me about this Mom & Pop (well, just Mom) garage on the Northside. Without an appointment, they squeezed me in, charged me $32.00 for a half hours labor, and handed me back my keys with a smile. That rocks. The other places all quoted me over $100.00, and one said it might cost more because "we've never installed a tail light on one of those before". What? You're going to charge me to figure out how to fix a brand new car that your dealership specializes in? Oh Lord.

At any rate, my car is fixed, gassed up, oil changed, and I am jazzed to go back to NY to see my Mom, Gran, Precious (my 20 year old cat), and assorted other loved ones.

Moral of this blog: My bottom hurts just thinkin about it. (um those are lyrics from the Dick Tracy sound track, dirty minds).

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