Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Well Dressed Ending

hell yeah Well, I'm finished. I've officially become a librarian, I've no doubt my grades will ensure the receipt of a diploma. I thought that I'd be overcome with emotion, instead I feel like I just had a drink and took a hot shower. Its all over. I will not be walking at graduation. Too much effort for a lemon colored sash.

One wonders, well I wonder, what I will do with this degree, and if in years to come I will have actually made an impression on the field of library science. I've been told that I "exhibit unparalleled enthusiasm", I hope that will be apparent for my entire career.

I am officially the Well Dressed Librarian now. Carry on.

Moral of this blog: I'm not used to finishing first. (dirty minds, my boyfriend has another year of grad school...)

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