Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Well Dressed Finish Line

typa typa typa First, a huge thank you to all of you for your feedback and input. I think my final decision will rest on the offer of the job as the executive assistant. I completed round one of the interview process yesterday, and I did well enough to be invited back for "ROUND TWO" of the process. I will say 'yes' if offered the position. Now its a matter of lets wait and see what happens.

I'd also like to take this time, because the rest of the week will be finals, to thank all of you for sitting and reading, and responding to me for the last two years. This has certainly been one of the most wild rides in my life.

My corporate aspirations are still alive and kicking, however the world of libraries as I know them has changed. The June issue of Martha Stewart Living discusses her "prop library". What an amazing job that is, one I would have never considered to be part of this field. Archives, cataloging, academic, public, administration, special and school. Who knew all of this existed? Perhaps, gentle readers, you knew they did, and were just letting me happen upon them. This blog on the web has brought all of us together into one room. In the field of library science that is almost unheard of. The Academic librarian does not look down their nose at a public librarian here, the archivist doesn't scoff at the cataloger here. Amazing.

I think the things I will miss most about library school are not things at all. I think that its appropriate to thank a few people at this point in the venture..and so in order:

Mrs. L-my high school librarian. Thanks for putting up with me and helping me write my carreer day paper on librarians. I think you knew all along this is the path I'd take.

Mom: Gratzi. You've stood by me for 2 years of nursery school, 13 years of grade and high school, 4 years of undergraduate, and now 2 years of grad school. I think I'm happier that I'm done than you are, but you never once wavered in your opinion that I could do it.

Grandma: Thanks for being a set of ears every morning for the last 28 years of my life. You've listened to me bemoan the educational process, and always offered advice to me. Advice that was well taken, though I think your comforting New York voice made all the difference when I was too homesick to go on. I love you.

College Boss E: Your letters of support, and professional references have been invaluable. You've helped me write a resume, and told me what to expect during the process.

Corporate Librarian L: You shoved me into the pool, and made sure I could swim. Without your advice and constant assertions that "I could do it", I wouldn't have applied to grad school. Now I can count myself among your professinal colleagues. That is something to be proud of.

Public Librarian S: You've opened my eyes. Librarianship is a powerful thing. You've proven that one person can make a difference to an entire community. I'm glad I was part of that community.

My dearest friends I & S: Cataloging is over, but we're not. Thank you for your late night e-mail replies, editing, proofing, and team work. When I think of grad school, the two of you will always be on my mind...you've helped me define who I hope to work with someday.

Advisor B: 6:30 am phone calls, 9:30 pm phone calls. You've been there for every turn I made, offering both personal and professional advice. I look forward to keeping in touch with you as the years roll by. I promise that I'll "worry less" and will seriously consider yoga, but for now, chain smoking works best.

Coworker S: Long chats, coffee afternoons, and moral support. Thanks for making this happen for me, and always listening to me go on. Your laughter has been good medicine on days that I didn't think I could make it.

My partner & best friend Michael: You don't even read this, so I think my thanks will be best expressed in person. The love and support has been larger than life, I'm so glad you were with me during this process.

Last, but not least: MY READERS. What would I have done without you? Pointless ramblings to the wind otherwise. A special thanks to Jonny Angel, who I am indebted to for filling out surveys, giving advice, and inspiring my blog. What a wonderful bunch of folks you all are. I'm especially happy to have brought every corner of the library world together in one place-albeit online.

So for now, as I spread my librarian wings and learn to fly-I'll keep you all abreast of what is going on. I'm just going to polish up my last paper, and begin to study for my last final on Thursday. Then I'm done, and officially will become the Well Dressed Librarian that I've apsired to become for my whole life.

moral of this blog: The end is just the beginning.

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