Friday, May 06, 2005

Which one???

The joys of graduating. I was so worried I'd be destitute and pan handling on the street with a sign around my neck reading "I'll answer reference questions for money", and having a partially disabled dog laying on the ground next to me for dramatic effect.

Instead, I actually find myself with a few job offers. But now I'm confused, and thought maybe I'd ask my gentle readers for professional advice.

Should I take the full time job as an admin-assistant to a library director? This comes with full benefits, and all the nice perks. Starts out on the low end of what a librarian would earn just graduating from grad school. Not professional, no room for advancement. But the inside scoop on library management, hob nobbing with board members and other various directors. Its only 5 minutes from my house.

Should I take the part time job as a professional archivist for an historical society? A fair hourly wage (as much as an Librarian 1 would make an hour)This doesn't come with ANY benefits, but I start out as a professional, right out of the blocks. Great opportunity to meet and mingle with the Jewish community, and its leaders. Possible room for advancement if the job goes full time, but it is for a not for profit group, and I have little grant writing experience. Its only 7 minutes from my house.

Choice #3 is to take the full time job, and volunteer for 10 hours a week at the historical society.

Choice #4 is to take the part time job, keep my current part time job, and purchase health insurance through an independent contractor.

Choice #5 keep waiting.

Mind you, I've decided to stay here in the almost square state. This limits my prospects somewhat, but not in a bad way. So, let all your librarian voices ring out. I'm waiting for you.

Moral of this blog: When it rains, it pours.

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