Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm Free....

free at last According to a letter that I received in the mail, I have been released from my jury duty obligation. This means I can start my new job on time.

The jury was selected, and my "services are no longer required". Wonderful, but do they realize that I had already picked out the most perfect, retro-geek ensemble to wear to jury duty selection? Now I am going to have to figure out when my geek-chic look (recently acquired I might add)is going to rock the scene, and which scene it will rock. I am thinking perhaps my first day of work might be best.

I will be wearing a white and burgundy striped collared shirt, with a chocolate, salmon, and burgundy Donna Karan tie. Deco tie bar (of course), with my chocolate zippy, with pink and khaki argyles, with khaki pinstripe trousers and polished cordovan loafers (square toe, of course). I am going to look super delish..I just hope my new employee ID doesn't clash with the colors.

I'm also because I get a security card to "allow me entry into restricted areas" (aka staff lounge). Oh, administration, how lovely.

Moral of this blog: Your loss jury box.

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