Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Memo from Administration

geek chic Greetings from Administration. I've gotta admit, I love the new job. Being the Assistant to the Director of Public Services has its perks...namely, I can go anywhere, do anything, and all in the name of Public Service.

I received my new master key, electronic pass with full permissions, my e-mail passcodes, and my parking pass today. I am officially movin' on up. This comes with a huge confidentiality clause in my paperwork. I can't talk about anything that happens behind closed doors, which is actually kind of cool. Top Secret stuff. I know how much we pay for toilet paper every month, but I'm not telling.

My boss is graceful, and kind. Her Assistant Directors are funny, witty, kind,and smart as whips. In the course of my first day, they took me out for chinese, and they asked me all sorts of questions.

"So, tell us about your partner"

"What do you enjoy doing when you aren't working?"

"Who are you reading right now?"

"Where are you from?"

"Tell us about your position at the "other branch"

"So, tell us about this blog we've heard about"

I replied with a "One thing at a time ladies, one thing at a time"...I'm not giving out too many details. They seemed to know everything about me, I guess background checks are real afterall. I filled them in on the little Mr., but left the blog for another day, month, year.

Mostly, I like working within the confines of the Main Branch. My office looks out over the old part of the library, built in 1904...a real Carnegie library. And I seem to have already caused quite a stir, being the only male assistant in the mix. Apparently, the rumor is that a "cute new guy works on the second floor"...if only they knew.

I've got a job that allows me to think, and make decisions now. I get to compile facts and figures, and make charts and graphs. Library school is starting to actually make sense...all the stuff I thought I'd never need, I've started using.

Best, I get to wear a tie everyday. Some may cringe at the thought. I've yet to send out a letter of introduction to all the managers, that's next. Oh the joys of full time work. The only bad part about being "grown up" is getting caught in rush hour traffic everyday. A dear friend suggested a "back route" and saved me 10 minutes on the ride home today. Everything seems to delight me these days.

Now, I think I'll put my feet up, and relax.

Moral of this blog: I like going out to lunch with Directors of a library.

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