Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I want this

My office is made out of metal. Thats nice and all, it doesn't leak or anything, so I don't really have to worry about rust. Not industrial metal either. My old office was industrial metal. It was shiney, and looked quite sexy (rather like me, only I'm not made out of metal..just ice). I have teal blue carpet in my office. And lots of cupboards. Lots of them. I have so many supplies I could dole them out to the poor for months, and I would STILL have post it notes left. I have air conditioning, and a gigantic piece of modern art in my sitting area. Oh yes. I have a sitting area, with two side chairs and a little teak occasional table in between. And its huge.

Why are you complaining, you ask yourself.

Because I don't have a deluxe office. My boss does. And I like it. She even has a dark wood desk. That's hot.

I know jealousy isn't a pretty thing, luckily the rest of me is. It masks it really well, like the cover up that Vanessa Williams uses to cover her pock marked face. That was kind of mean. Oh well.

But it got me thinking, what do I need to do to get one of those big old fancy desks, and really nice chairs? I can't order them from Office Depot. My only option is to persevere and get deeper into the world of administration, or to inherit a Royal title. Then I get one of these fancy library offices with my estate. But I'm not in line, my family isn't even British. We're a bunch of French Jews. OK, not all of us, some of us.

And the fireplace? Come on! No libraries have these anymore. Are they really that dangerous? My library back home had one. It was quite nice. At least put one in my office. No one will know. I wonder if I can order one of those from Office Depot?

Moral of this blog: I like wood.

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