Monday, July 04, 2005

A proper hoovering

If Cleanliness is next to G-dliness, I am G-d now.

As a rule people who are sophisticated and well dressed should emerge from a home that reflects not only their perfection and glamourosity, but also speak to the dillegence and attention to detail invested in their daily lives. Throw in the fact that one of these amazingly gifted people may be a librarian, and you've increased those dimensions to include public service- giving to the masses. Yes, gentle readers, if it was not for my Jewish faith, I could leave this earth nominated for saint hood. Or at least qualify for martyrdom. Yet I share this special Independence day story with you.

As we delight in what ever it means to us individually to celebrate the 4th of July, I nominate consumerism. It makes me more American than anything else I can think of.

I celebrated by becoming the proud owner of a Dyson 07. Smart, sophisticated, and 20lbs of cleaning power. It makes my Eureka Cyclone look like a toy for toddlers. Now I can hoover in style. And I have been. I have hoovered everything in my entire house, spare the cats...and that is only because they can run faster than me with the vacuum.

One of the review calls it "sturdy, like the kind of vacuum cleaners they "used to make". My knot rug looks superb, and my embroidered dining room rug looks amazing. I was appalled by the amount of dust and dirt it pulled out, as I had previously hoovered with my Eureka upright...apparently it has worse suction than my ex-boyfriend. How could it have left so much behind? No more fears with my Dyson 07 at my side.

And candidly, I have to admit, it was my brother in law who gave it to me. He's a sales rep. Gotta love sales reps, but mostly I love my new found small house hold appliance.

Moral of this blog: Domestic bliss, with three standard attachments. Mmmmmm.

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