Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dear Well Dressed Librarian

You've all been so patient waiting for me to sit back down and tell you more things about my tremendously jet set life. Chicago was fabulous. The 7 a.m. photo shoot on the beach was amazing, the models were beautiful, and the breakfast afterward was to die for. In fact, according to our waiter, someone actually did die in the restaurant the day before. Waiter, you need to be funnier than that to get a good tip out of a Jew.

Now, finally, because I can't think of anything completely clever to write, I am going to dip into the old mailbag.

Dear WDL,
Now that you've graduated from school, and have moved into [working in] real libraries, do you think it was all worth it?


Well Wannabe, the answer is a resounding yes. I could not have moved into my current job without my MLIS. It was more of a $32,000.00 key to open a door that wouldn't budge otherwise. Have I used ANYTHING I learned in school yet? Nope. The few management classes I took made me realize the magnitude of administering to a group of librarians. More over, I feel like a Mamma bird, feeding hungry chicks. The imagery is about right too. I like my job. Its tough, but its fun making the wheels turn. I described it to my Mom as if it were a scene from the Wizard of Oz ..."pay no attention to the man behind the curtain". People have no idea what makes the public library run. But Library School (TM) is probably one of the greatest things I've done. It was worth it.

Dear Well Dressed Librarian,

Are you gay?


Dear Curious,

Did Rose Kennedy own a black dress?

Dear WDL,

Do you NEVER write about work anymore?

xo, Wishing For Work Stories

Dear Coworkers,

I do write about work. Libraries are my life, and therefore, I must write about my work, as work is a part of my life. Most of my work is secret, I can't even tell other co-administrators what is going on. That's a pretty tall order. My corner of the web isn't really worth losing my job. That and I'd hate to be poor, and sign up for food stamps. I can tell you this though: I learn more shit about the library when I'm assigned to shred old documents. There is something to be said about be the low man on the totem pole - rather the only man.

Dear Well Dressed,

Tell me something about you that would surprise me. Really.

An adoring fan

Dear Mom,
Hmm. Good one. I'm a NY Yankees fan. That usually surprises people. When I was in Undergraduate, I came home on the weekends to use the bathroom until the end of my Freshman year. Literally. I guess that's not too surprising though. Enough with the revelations.


When I wear my sweater over my shoulders, should the tag show if its a designer cardigan?


Dear K,

No. Never. Ever. Its gauche. Plus, it means you are not wearing it properly. It should be folded over at the shoulders and the neck should face you - not away from you when you wrap it around your shoulders and tie it. Logo sweaters, sweatshirts, and long sleeve t-shirts should not be used. Unless you are trapped on an island, and they are the only things that washed ashore with you.

It seems I've answered everything I felt like answering. I hope you've all learned something valuable. That, and Martha Stewart's new live NYC show starts September 12. Check your local listings.

Moral of this blog: I'm full of advice, among other things.

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