Monday, August 15, 2005

A Well Dressed Birthday

Happy 20th Birthday Precious!! As it turns out, even though I am turning 29 today, my, erm, kitty is only 20. Shocking. I got her when I was 9 years old. I came home from my friend Kristie's house. My Mom had gone back to school after the divorce, and got me a latch key cat. Nanny Bonnie couldn't be there right after school everyday. Precious was there to keep me safe, give me company, and someone to talk to. And did she ever.

My first memory of her is noting a board across the bottom of the bathroom door...and something white scampered right across the floor. She was the size of a tea cup. My Mom put her in there for safe keeping the first night. And now, 20 years later, she is having a birthday party, and having whipping cream out of a tea cup.

Precious was actually a few months old when I got her. Her mother had been run over by a tractor, and my Mom picked her out of the litter because she looked like the smallest and sickest. We fed her with an eyedropper. I also decided that her birthday would be the same day as mine, so it would be easier to keep track of. I got her in November of 1985. And here she is as pretty and cranky as always. Just like her big brother Matthew. Who is now 29 year old. I already feel the decay setting in. Though on a positive note, my Grandmother has been 29 for almost 50 years. I think that next year, I'll be 29 again. I hope Precious catches up. I promise, if she turns 29, I'll have a HUGE party.

And in case your wondering how I spent my birthday... cheesecake, chianti, and candle light. Quite a lovely evening.

Moral of this blog: A librarian's furry kitty can be old, and still quite loved. You know I mean my kitty. Perverts.

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