Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well Dressed Lapels

cary grant, mmmm! As I walked into my back garden after returning home from my glam library job, I was over taken by one thought. I was astounded that I had never thought to share this with any of my gentle readers. Without further ado, I walked through the rain, up onto my back steps, closed my black stick umbrella and headed towards my office where I could impart this valuable piece of advice.

"Why is it that we never see these,spare tacked to some poor, unsuspecting woman at some tired old luncheon?" Honestly, I really thought that. So, just when you thought I couldn't be any gayer...

The boutonniere is lost on today's gentleman. Ladies, don't feel left out. You too can wear one. It is not confined to the fine cut jackets of the dashing information scientist. Do you want to look smart in the library? Do you think a collared shirt and trousers is going to cut it? Think again. You look like a vagrant.

The boutonniere has been worn for centuries, but was made popular by the Victorian man. Oscar Wilde (now there's a surprise) was an aficionado of them. The late, and devastatingly handsome Cary Grant also was manly enough to wear one. They do not need to be elaborate nose-gays pinned to your chest, nor the 4 pound orchid that most of America feels obliged to purchase for dear old Mater on Mother's Day. A simple rosebud, a few heads of lavender, even a marigold pinned to the lapel look absolutely divine. Masculine elegance at its finest.

Lately, a book titled The Boutonniere: Style in One's Lapel chronicles this very subject. I would advise my readers to purchase it, OR check it out of your library.

Moral of this blog: Can you keep up with the Duke of Windsor and Prince Charles, or Hollywood icons such as Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, and Sean Connery? I hope so.

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