Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well Dressed Osteopathy

ostrich bones!

Librarians are often asked "favors". Being the only librarian in a family often makes me the walking card catalogue. I of course take it in stride. We've often called my ER Nurse Mother-in-"law" with questions while we are sick, asked my mechanic Dad how to knock the sale price of a new car down, and once, asked my social worker mother about Living Wills.

My task: find a victorian-esque medical/anatomical drawing of an ostrich skeleton. Labeled drawings are a plus.

And like any resourceful librarian, I turn to you my dear readers. Please send me information, if you have any. I'd appreciate e-mailed scans of books, directions to great websites, or titles of volumes that contain this information request.

Thank you in advance.

moral of this blog: the thigh bone connected to the hip bone....

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