Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well Dressed Training

thats my bathing suit area Being sensitive is all part of the job. My library, like any good library, offers continuing staff development - which includes trainings on diversity, sexual harassment, customer service skills, and the like.

Recently, I was treated to a session on diversity. This was learning about stereotypes, and how they can live in the work place. I found this interesting for several reasons. For one, very sensitive issues on race, sexuality, and gender were brought up - as if we were discussing favorite cake recipes. No punches pulled, we just went straight for the facts. The leader of the session did a good job.

I was imagining that it could have gone out of control. Finding out about co - workers prejudices, and beliefs (a.k.a. morals) is always a tough thing for me, especially because I do not bring my private life to work. This lead to many conversations, etc. I thought I had escaped the day without really learning too much about anyone. Shall I say I was wrong?

Stereotypes about homosexuality are awful. I loved the trainer because the word "orientation" was used, not "choice". I loved the trainer because the subject was treated with respect, and not looked at as the "alternate life style".

So, to all those tough guys, who like to note that I sleep with men, I say "so does your mother".

I also don't like that people say "men", because I only spend my time with one man.

This is one of the stereotypes that really sent me off my gourd. Not all gay men want to have sex with every single man they walk past. Many of us are in successful relationships with other bright, well dressed, educated guys. We have families. Our living rooms are not disco strobe parties on the weekend, and surprise: we don't all wear tight jeans.

I only mention this because when the strereotype was mentioned, a few people rushed in, and agreed...perhaps before they realized that this was the part of the conversation you were at least secretly allowed to think things, but not actually say them outloud. Oops. Talk about sensitive.

At any rate, this blog is about librarians. Well, this librarian.

Believe it or not, I do not talk about my personal life at work. I think most of my co-workers know that I have someone special in my life. But that may be about it. I'd like to think that I lend a positive light to ideas that some may carry about being gay.

I'm educated.
I'm well dressed.
I'm in a committed relationship.
I show up to work everyday.
I have a good relationship with my family.
Excitement on the weekend stems from finishing or NEARLY finishing the NYT Sunday Crossword Puzzle.

I'm not an ignorant slut, who spends all spare time clubbing and soliciting the male species.

I sadly learned that is what some people think gay folks do. To you I say:" do not collect $200, and go straight to jail".

It is true that some gay men do this. It is also true some straight women do this. The same people who wouldn't say "women are sluts" will say it about gays. Go figure. It amazes me when the oppressed oppress.

Moral of this blog: Don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me?

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