Friday, December 30, 2005

Ciao 2005!

Happy New Year from a Jew Darling Readers, it is once again time to reflect back on what made 2005 such a nice little year.

For starters, I became a librarian in May. No more Library School TM, only pleasant memories to reflect on. Things I can convey to librarians in training:

a)Group Projects are only a cruel invention of graduate school. In real life if someone screws up, you can tell the boss about it. And the weakest link doesn't define your worth.

b)Unlike Library School TM, if you need a book, you can inter library loan it instead of shelling out $98 dollars for Chan's "Cataloging and Classification". I used it 4 times. That means each viewing cost me $24.50.

c)The people I went to school with taught me more about the profession than anything else. Some were neurotic. Some were uber-organized. Some were always late. Some were control freaks, and need to steer the ship. Most are type A personalities. Most could be diagnosed with OCD. Most of them were women. Welcome to libraries.

d)Don't despair about jobs. They are out there. You might have to move to get one, but its worth it.

e)Power Point presentations can be to long. Be brief, be concise.

f)Being smartly dressed and well groomed can set you leagues apart from other librarians. At a conference I attended this fall, I was told that I was the "best dressed librarian" that the coordinator had ever seen. *dabbing eyes* What a proud moment. In the classroom, the professors pay attention to you.

g)If you think you can do it better than someone else, prove it. Saying it won't get you anywhere.

h)Look for scholarships, or see if your employer offers tuition reimbursement. I was too lazy. There were tons of scholarships I never applied for. I found out WHEN I graduated my super deluxe library would have paid for one class per year if I had gotten "A's".

i)Network and join organizations while you can get the cheap student rate. Attend conferences. Be a part of the library world. Be knowledgeable about who you are playing with.

j)Know that if you keep a blog, people will find out about it. You can be "googled". I make a serious effort not to chat work on the page - only to convey general, groomed, library wisdom to other library darlings. I'm not sure if my employers like knowing they have a homo, self-styled Miss Manners onboard, but here I am!

l)Participate in class. Its good practice for the real world. If you are one of those quiet people that sits back and lets everyone else do the work... silently you are hated. We do all the work, while you get some of the glory? Think again butterpants.

m)No future employer looks at your grades. Its OK to get a "B". You can still become the AV Media specialist you've dreamed of becoming. As long as you get a diploma, its all good.

n)Don't make your professors hate you. They may be your best references for PhD work, or your first job. Unless you go to school part time, and you are getting your MLS so that you can keep your job. And have no intention of applying anywhere else.

o)If you decide to blog about your life, have an original voice. We are all different, and so it follows that in print, we should set ourselves apart as well. Nobody likes a copy cat.

p)Never USE PUBLIC BATHROOMS. OK, that has nothing to do with Library School. Its just good advice.

q)Don't abuse extensions. I'm not talking about weave. Ask for them only if they are necessary. It holds up the rest of the get yours back when we get ours back. In real life, you don't get them. Deadlines are deadlines, learn to work by them, or pack your bag.

r)"Mature Learners" can be a challenge for bright young things in the classroom. As much as we cringe, we will be working with "Mature" management. Get used to it.

s)Keep an address book, so you can keep in touch with classmates you enjoyed working with. Perhaps later in life, you can join forces again on a publication, or exhibit, or library program! I can't wait to work with S&I someday again.

t)Professional development!! Learning doesn't stop when you graduate. Attend seminars, in house workshops, and KEEP READING THE LITERATURE!

u)The MLS is a special degree. Only 47 institutions offer it in the US and Canada combined. Always remember that.

v)Don't be afraid to throw away the papers you've written in class. They are all saved on your hard drive.

w)Always tell people "YES Librarians need a Masters degree". It stresses the importance and education underlying they conveyance of information. No novices need apply.

x)Remind people that not everyone that works in a library is a librarian

y)Desk Set with Katherine Hepburn is a wonderful movie, and a source of inspiration when you are down and out. We can all be that mega librarian.

z)I am the cutest gay Jewish librarian I ever met.

With all that being said, I hope you all have a Happy New Year, and that you all behave and don't embarrass yourself at work related holiday parties, if you are insane enough to go to one. Happy 2006 Gentle Readers.

Moral of this blog: I returned all the ties I got for Chanukah and exchanged them for a red stainless steel blender.

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