Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dear WDL

my slot It is that time again, when I dig into my mail bag, impart advice, ideas, and respond to my gentle readers.

Dear WDL,

I'm not sure what brought me to your blog, but as a librarian, don't you feel obliged to provide information? Other blogs created by librarians are, well, more "scholarly" and provide "how to", or reviews of products or information services. It seems you of all people would keep up with the Jones'


Dear Sandy,

Every blog has a flavor. Librarians (as you seem to know already) don't fit neatly into a single line. Art Librarians, Corporate, Archivists (academic, religiously affiliated), AV Media specialists, Tech-Geeks, etc. The one thing we have in common is a MLS. That is probably about it. Blogs, like newspapers or magazines, appeal to a broad range of people - but within that context specialty journals or trade publications crop up. My "flavor" is more Op-Ed than anything else. Reflections of a new librarian, facing the same thing that generations before me have.

And the Jones' have nothing on me.


Dear WDL,

This winter weather is wrecking my skin. Dry at home, dry at work, and I am constantly touching paper - which is resulting in some nasty little cuts. This is not to mention static, and my hair has taken on a life of its own. Suggestions ?


Dry as a bone

Dear Daab,

Winter weather can plague a librarian, or any library employee with dry skin and more. A few suggestions: start at home. Switch to a liquid fabric softener, and be sure to use it with each load of laundry you do.

Use a conditioner in the shower, and use a body lotion as soon as you dry off. Application on warm, slightly damp skin traps moisture in your epidermis. Additionally, moisturize before going to bed at night - especially your face, and hands. This will not give you oily skin. Promise.

Pomade is the answer for winter hair. Stay away from products with alcohol in them - all they do is dry out your hair. If you must use hairspray, use a non aerosol, pump type. Have a little fun, try something new. Just remember - perms died with the 80's.

At work, keep a good hand lotion on your desk. And drink lots of water. Just keep a bottle on your desk, and carry a small one in your purse.


Dear WDL,

Suggestions for work related holiday parties?

Jenny, Eastern Wisconsin

Dear JEW,

I am a strong advocate for keeping work and personal VERY separate. Its awkward for me to watch co-workers drink and mingle.

But, if you must, I suggest wearing a snowflake lapel pin, or wearing colors that express your concept of the holidays. No holiday sweaters - express your sentiment throughout the "holidays" by acknowledging them in your wardrobe. Too many ideas about what is "holiday cheer" and how people expect you to agree with them. Plus, not everyone has a holiday right now.

Save the holiday parties for home. Unless of course, you run a family owned business. But you are a librarian, so that's not the case.


Dear WDL,

Your blog is dull.

Someone with a recognizable ISP


I am not here to entertain, merely to inform. And at that, I mostly inform about how much I adore this profession. And how gorgeous I am. In the future, feel free to stop me in the hall.


Sadly, that is all I feel like responding too all I have time for. Keep sending your letters, suggestions, and thoughts.

Moral of this blog: We all admire the wisdom of people who come to us for advice.

(Jack Herbert)

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