Monday, February 28, 2005

What I thought...

busy librarian What do librarians do? Do they do the things I am learning right now? I thought it would be all answering phones, and being friendly, and generally making the patrons feel like they were worth while, and providing them with answers to their questions, no matter how mundane. All I have is my own experience.

When I worked at prestigious University as an intern, that was what I did all day. I also got to create web pages, and go to meetings with Lexis-Nexis people. Oft invited, but rarely did I attend the faculty lunch/speaking engagment that was held on Tuesdays. I also liked the fact that the campus looked like a post card. The librarians specialize in subjects at this college, and they really work their asses off. Lots and lots of research. On a scale of one to ten, 9.5.

When I worked in the corporate world, I got to answer e-questions, sometimes other special libraries would call us and we'd help them with a project. If we ever got too much on our plates, which happened more often than not with only 2 of us, we could use the services of Find SVP or if we were lucky, a secretary could come from another department and lend a hand to unpacking all the mail that came to the library. I'm not kidding, I could literally get 15 buckets of mail in one day. But I also got to go to lunch at Fields, my former boss was a doll. She would treat me to lunch at really posh places. We'd talk about gardening, what kind of trees would look nice, and even once we looked at samples for what her counter top in her super fab home would look like. Corporate librarianship is basically burning the candles at both ends, but getting to work with other really dedicated people. Mega research, lots of filing, lots of respect. Again, busy busy busy. On a scale of one to ten. 10. Throw in the old boss, make it an "11".

I was wondering if I should apply for a job in the public sector, as a librarian. I have been reminded by several people that if I work for a public library, I will not really find it easy to move to an academic or private library.

Academic and corporate patrons are always grateful. Or so at least my rose colored experiences have proven to me. I've been advised, if I have to go public, do it for a brief period and then jump on board the corporate/academia train.

Why do librarians hate each other? Thats a whole other blog.

Moral of this blog: Thank you Public Libraries for making this choice for me.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Maybe its Maybeline

tube of lipstick, obviouslyThings are a bit rushed right now, but taking a cue from Foxy Librarian, I thought I'd all give you a heads up on a very funny woman named Betty Butterfield. I'm sure she has been to my library a few times. We all have this patron, but they don't usually make me laugh this much.

Be kind to Betty, make sure you rightclick and save her movies. She might look like a rich woman, but she lives in a simple apartment complex. We'll save her some bandwidth.

moral of this blog: oh my lord.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee

sandra dee

Was, rather. She was 63. Goodbye Sandra.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

WDL wonders "What's next?"

librarian interview I graduate in May. May 13th to be exact and its a Friday. Should this urban-legendesque date make me fear what is to come? I told someone today that I feel like its finally my turn, and I'm just standing on the diving board, looking into the pool. Euphemistically, that sounds much better than the reality of it all. I am going to have a Masters degree and no job. Sure, I can keep my part time job handing out library cards, but I don't think that's what people with Masters in Library Science really do with their degrees.

The real quandary is this: any job I get is going to require me to move away from the almost square state...leaving behind my boyfriend of 7 years. I've been forewarned that growing up is sometimes challenging, but no one ever mentioned this part. I have to look at it realistically: am I ever going to land that dream job with Phillips, Christies, or Sothebys by staying here? No. Do I want to buy a house here and settle down? No. Can my boyfriend express himself fully as a University trained choreographer in the almost square state? No.

This kinda means big cities have to be on my list. Besides, I'd wither if I didn't have some culture to prop myself up on, more often than not. Waiting 6 months for an art film to arrive here is painful, missing Thai food is painful, not having a dry cleaners within walking distance is inconvenient...but not living out my dreams is the most pressing issue. We work as a team now, and that is the direction I have to take us in. I am done first, so its kinda sorta up to me to blaze that trail.

For instance, even if I got a knock up bang down job offer from a prestigious museum in, say Maine, I would not take the job because the other half of my "team" couldn't find work there. If I were single, I'd do it in a heart beat. Then there are the kitties. Moscow, my affectionate fur blob and her sophisticated very feline sister Sophie. Do they come with or stay behind with him, and sit alone for hours while he is at school for 12-14 hours a day? The SUV, the townhouse rental, the hordes of period furniture & dishes. All of this runs through my mind, but there never seems to be a "great time to sit down and talk about it."

So, paving a career to be a celebrity librarian isn't all its cracked up to be. I'd like it if everything could be as easily compartmentalized as a well written catalogue. Only real life dictates that we plan as we go...only I don't know where I'm going yet. For once the WDL is at a loss. Not completely, but much more than usual...and the clock is ticking. Its going to be May 13 before I even know it.

I'd be crazy to let a great job go, if the location would suit both of us, no? I'm brave enough to be alone for 1 year, no? This is not something they teach in Library School.

Einstein once said "It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely." This is my fear. Good at what I do, and no one to share it with. Sure, planes, trains, and automobiles are ideas as are e-mails, ink to page, and cards...its just not the same. Does it appear that I want my cake and to eat it to? Or am I finally realizing, I'm only human.

Moral of this blog: Cold exteriors can hide warm hearts.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A WDL Public Service Announcement

Cell Phone

Please do not tell your children to quiet down because you can't hear on your cell phone, while you are at the library.

Thank you.

moral of this blog: Try common sense. I know that comes in everyone's size.

Monday, February 14, 2005

WDL Valentines Day

This is what a well dressed librarian looks like when he is trying to procrastinate on his homework for Archive Management.

It is also what he looks like when he finds out that his boyfriend has to rehearse extra late on Valentines Day, and they can't go to see Summertime starring the fabulous Katherine Hepburn, like he hoped they would.

**UPDATE** He surprised me with a phone call, and we met at the theatre afterall. It was so romantic. I've realized I'm a total sap. But I do have the best guy in the world!

Moral of this blog: Pretty in pink? Only because they don't say "Hot in Pink."

Something else to love-for cataloguers

Now I found this and I love it!

moral of this blog: shortcuts, please.

VD again already?

G-d's MomJust a quick note from the WDL to remind you to act properly today. Today is not a carte blanche for love making with strangers. In an age where even Virgins get pregnant, you should all be careful.

This should also serve as a reminder for all the librarians out there to wear a soft shade of red or pink today. I am sure some of my Goth readers will cringe, but this is the price you pay for fashion advice.

I am sure that today I will see lots of lovey couples. Perhaps someone will even fornicate in the library. Do lets hope not.

Moral of this blog: Love is a many splendored thing. Just don't do it in public.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

hello gorgeous

Babs & I

Ahhh. People who need people.

moral of this blog: i am a celebrity librarian.

Humor in the Class Room

another square state Today in Cataloging II, we had to create Library of Congress Subject Headings for a list of given titles.

Among them: "They fell for the Union: Pennsylvanians who died for their country in the Civil War."

That is hilarious enough. As the class went on, we approached this title. Of course, the answer was:

651 -0 United States--#xHistory--#xCivil War, #1861-1865--#v registers of the dead.

We enquired about the lack of Pennsylvania in the Subject Heading. I even suggested a line "Pennsylvania-Deaths", but of course thats not an option anyway.

The professors reply cracked us up, without batting an eye she replied: "Because, Pennsylvanians can die anywhere."

She went on, after we all burst out into laughter, that this is a flaw in the system...and that furthermore, during the Civil War people from Pennsylvania didn't just die in Pennsylvania, they died in all the states they fought in. It was still hilarious.

Moral of this blog: Beware Pennsylvanians.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Double Entendre

Mrs. SlocombeOne of my favorite lines ever uttered on television was quipped by a sales woman named Mrs. Slocombe on Are You Being Served? The line was this: "I inadvertantly dropped some perfume on my pussy and I had tomcats throwing themselves at my catflap all night." The intended double entendre is hilarious, and dirty. Another classic "I never having any trouble getting up in the morning, my pussy is like an alarm clock." You get the point. Dirty+intended

So, welcome to the public library. One of the classic lines we get to use every day.

Patron: I'd like a library card.
Hot WDL: I'd like to give you one.

A card, or something else (if they are hot and foriegn, probably something else).

Patron: I need the DVD for this case:
Hot WDL: Go over to the desk. He'll fill your box.

However, the dynamic of the entendre is lost on the patron. Recently,an argument transpired between a patron and a security gaurd.

Security Gaurd: Ma'am, I'm sorry, thats unacceptable behavior, you need to leave.
Patron: You know what you need? You need to get some pussy.

Do you suppose she meant the security gaurd should take up cats as a hobby? The art of the quickly dropped filthy (or was it?) comment was lost that day in my library.

Moral of this blog: My lease only allows for two pussies. And trust me, that rule will never be broken.