Monday, April 24, 2006

Neckwear, Librarians and

stylish, n'est pas? I have said it once, and I'll say it again. Neckwear is essential.

I prefer neckwear that doesn't necessarily match 100%. For example, today I wore a mint green gingham shirt with a lavender necktie. Gorgeous.

So, lets review the things people say when I begin talking about ties in the workplace:

"But I work with children"
"My library is casual"
"People will be scared off by me..."
"I can't tie a tie"
"I don't wear ties"

Poor things. If excuses were horses, beggars would ride.

So you work with children. Wear a bow tie, or an ascot. Kids can't grab them and get their sticky, dirty hands all over your precious strand of silk. (and it would be silk, no polyester or rayon.)

Are you sure your library is casual and not you? Check that one out. Studies show that people approach library staff who look like they are in charge. Are you visible? Everyone wears a name tag. Stand out.

Not being able to tie a tie is next to the worst excuse, besides I don't wear ties. We are in the information gathering profession. Figure it out. I bet even the poorest funded library in the United States has a book about making knots in ties.

And last, "Mr. I don't wear ties". Not even I have the strength to deal with you. You are a manly man. Don't forget, you work in a library with lots and lots of women. You are not necessarily in the manliest of fields - (no offense guys, but its true)a neck tie just adds to the air that you are cultured enough to get up, dress (bathe) and come to work to serve the masses of adoring fans. Perhaps you are the cataloger who worries his tie will get stuck in the binding machinery. Perhaps you are the technology librarian who never leaves his office, and it doesn't matter. People still walk past your office. If you have time to put on underwear, you have time to put on a tie.

Yes, I have just made all the people who wear nothing underneath exempt. Sue me. Its my column.

Ladies, shall I let you off easy today? I'll just remind you that nothing says timeless elegance like a strand of pearls carelessly knotted. And yes, they can be faux pearls. Chanel encouraged women to mix the real stuff with paste jewelry too. I'm just carrying on in her fine tradition.

Wear something big, dramatic. No one can see little tiny earrings or tiny gold chains.

I am not advising you to look like a ghetto fabulous rapper either, use discretion.

Scarves are wonderful accessories because you can knot them around your neck, drape them carelessly over a shoulder, or be worn stylishly around the waist. If you have to tie two scarves together to accomplish any of this, buy a larger scarf.

Remember boys, a good knot has a dimple in the middle. Note the illustration.

Moral of this blog: Be knotty at work.

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