Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Retirement, When to investigate

cranky pants!I love Andy Rooney because he is old, and cranky, and his eyebrows look kind of like caterpillars. He says things that are totally inappropriate, but are funny because cranky old people with caterpillar eyebrows pretty much can say anything they want and no one says anything.

Enough of that.

Editor Charles W. Robinson in the latest, hot off the press Library Administrator's Digest says something that really got my goat, and you've got to say something pretty awful to get my goat, or any other animal that I would allow people to touch. (Except Adrien Brody - to whom I am willingly a petting zoo).

But if your 10-year-old wants to be a librarian, you might suggest a career in health care. Or banking.

The rest of the article articulates his fear of what technology will bring to the bricks and mortar buildings we call libraries.

News Flash! Libraries change, and so do we, Oldschool McCrankenstien.

Even though I pretend we live in the 1940's, and I live on a depression era budget - I cringe at people who try to stymie the field of library science. Especially people with an Editorial position to a major LIS publication. The whole concept of "role models" and "mentors" was based on the "younger looking up to the older" thing. Gen X replacing the Boomers and WW2 generation and all that good stuff. I'm supposed to be inspired by someone like this?

He goes onto suggest that our professions may go the way of "seafaring". It is my opinion that perhaps it is HIS mindset that has gone the way of seafaring. I am unanimous in that sentiment.

Maybe he is supposed to be funny like Andy Rooney. Anyone laughing?


Yeah. That's what I thought.

Moral of this blog: Technology hasn't put us out of work, it has just made our lives better.

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