Sunday, June 04, 2006

Vans, Moving

Stay out of my boxLife got busy, real busy.

Life has been packed full of big boy choices since last I wrote. I knew these choices were coming down the pike, but I chose to pretend, and live in my imaginary, Agatha Christie, post WWII world. I have been reading like never before, smoking more cigarettes than usual, and lately, started collecting boxes.

My partner of 8 years accepted a professorship at an out of state college. So, we are moving out of state. I will be giving up my celebrity librarian job, and looking for the next. I haven't noticed "sunglasses required" or "Cary Grant impersonaters preferred", but I'm sure this new state will have something on reserve for me.

I've realized over and over again that I love my profession, and this has proven it. I know because I am actually trying to find something to replace the void that is impending. I have administrative experience, with no management background - odd. I know how to take care & feed a manager, but not how to be one, according to my CV. I'll get past that, I'm sure. Someone will take a chance on me, and it will pay off.

We are going out of state to look for a new house soon. I will be packing this week, as my boyfriend is teaching dance in the Northern Perfectly rectangular state for a several weeks. I am left here to pack boxes of books, and dishes, and all the other what not that I don't need to survive. Which, according to my calculations means I won't pack too much, because I need (not want)comfort items around me, I am a true nester. Less things make me nervous.

Which isn't helping my stomach condition much at all. I only wish I wasn't so delicate and fragile.

Things at work have never been better, I've been actively sitting reference desk at many locations, making many question what my exact job description is. No one believes "celebrity consultant librarian". I don't know why.

I have not abandoned you my dear readers. Don't cry for me librarians (PS that can be sung to the catchy Evita refrain). I have plenty to recount in my down days, which hopefully will be few.

Moral of this blog: I'm off to watch the new Miss Marple. Carry on, fantasy life.

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